Putting People First: diversity, equality and inclusion start with data

Putting People First: diversity, equality and inclusion start with data

There have been many points in history where society has been forced to reflect on the expectations of diversity and inclusion and as mentioned in our “Embracing the conversation” blog post earlier this year, the last 18 months have presented a real opportunity for change.  As companies begin the process of self-examination, data once again holds the potential as an agent of change and Cloudera wants to help our customers unlock the endless potential of the workforce by making data and analytics easy and accessible, for everyone

With this in mind, we will be launching the People First category as part of  the 2021 Data Impact Awards. This category will recognize organizations who are using their data and analytics capabilities to tackle some of the most difficult workplace and societal challenges affecting companies and the world around us. 

We the people are the data 

By introducing this new category, our goal is to encourage our customers and the industry to begin exploring data-driven DE&I initiatives in three key areas: workforce, workplace, and marketplace. We believe that acquiring data in these areas is a critical way to measure a company’s success in creating an environment for everyone. Measuring data on the workforce will help organizations ensure they are recruiting and hiring diverse talent, identify the psychological safety of their work environment, and if their employees are growing and developing with the company.. Measuring marketplace data will enable an organization to understand how it is engaging with both internal and external communities in relation to their competitor’s efforts.  

What the judges are looking for 

This year, judges will be looking for entries from organizations that have used data and analytics to further their DE&I strategy and planning – essentially those companies with data-driven policies, processes and/or programs that are creating equity and impact for employees, customers, or partners. Use cases may range from organizations that are using their DE&I data to ensure fair and equitable hiring (and talent development) practices to organizations that are using their data to create solutions that target complex societal problems. 

Our hope is that this category will inspire our customers to leverage their data in a way that enables their DE&I efforts to be most impactful, and encourages our tech community to ensure they are capturing and assessing data in a way that serves their greatest asset. The People. After all, data is only as good as the decisions that come afterwards.  

For more information on the People First category and this year’s awards, please visit www.cloudera.com/DIA

Marque Blackman
Sr. Program Manager, Diversity Equality + Inclusion at Cloudera
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