#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Addy Azmi, Senior Internal SOX Auditor

#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Addy Azmi, Senior Internal SOX Auditor

As we wrap up Pride month, we’d like to introduce Addy Azmi, a proud member of our LGBTQ Employee Resource Group. 

Based in the Cork, Ireland office, Addy is a Senior Internal SOX Auditor who collaborates with process owners in the Finance team to ensure all processes are in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It’s a role this accounting professional really loves. “The work I do covers a wide variety of processes in all regions so it gives me a sneak peak into the work of many roles within finance. I really love my job!” 

This role is very fitting for Addy. As a kid, he held a curiosity around many things including technology, science and space. His primary interest, however, was human behavior – “I was always curious about what motivates humans to do what they do”. As he delves deep into processes, he gets the opportunity to understand why certain things are done a certain way. It allows him insight into the workings of other’s minds which he had always hoped to be able to do.

At just 20 years old, Addy moved from Malaysia to Dublin all on his own.

It was in Dublin that he was able to get his degree in accountancy, become fully ACCA qualified and at 23, finally come out about his sexual orientation.

Addy grew up in an environment that wasn’t exactly welcoming of anyone that identified as anything other than heterosexual. As a result, he struggled with his own sexual identity for many years prior to his move. Once he entered a culture that was much more open and inclusive, he grew more comfortable to be himself openly. “Slowly but surely, I have come to terms with my own sexuality and am now proud of it!”

His experience of concealing some parts of himself and the fear that provoked helps him recognize now how important it is to participate in and celebrate Pride month. “It is great to have a month dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community as it’s been a challenge for many of us to be freely expressed for so long.” He went on to say that Pride is primarily about celebrating those within the community but it doesn’t end there. “It’s a celebration of being different – it’s a reminder that it is ok to be different.” 

Inclusion is important to Addy and a factor in his love for his role at Cloudera 

“From our diverse and inclusive culture to the work life balance and feelings of being valued and appreciated since day one, there are so many things that I love about working at Cloudera!” 

He adds that the efforts Cloudera is making to improve diversity and inclusion would be, in his opinion, best in class from any he has ever seen and that we are on a path forward in this endeavour. “The openness and the transparency that the management team have with the employees is just unreal – I feel like I can voice out anything that concerns me without worry of getting any backlash.” 

Celebrating everyone’s uniqueness, understanding human behavior and auditing processes aren’t the only things Addy is passionate about. One of his biggest passions is singing. He sings often and has even auditioned for the X-Factor several times. But don’t worry, you won’t catch him gracing television or on the airwaves just yet. He feels happy and content to continue on his accounting pursuits. 

We’re grateful for all the talent you bring to the Cloudera team, Addy. Thank you for choosing SOX over Stardom. 

Cloudera is full of the best and brightest talent. Want to work alongside our awesome teams? Check out our careers page  to learn more and find a role that fits you!


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