Join us at the Iceberg Summit 2024

Join us at the Iceberg Summit 2024

Apache Iceberg is vital to the work we do and the experience that the Cloudera platform delivers to our customers. Iceberg, a high-performance open-source format for huge analytic tables, delivers the reliability and simplicity of SQL tables to big data while allowing for multiple engines like Spark, Flink, Trino, Presto, Hive, and Impala to work with the same tables, all at the same time. The features within the Iceberg table format play an important role in making data architecture more effective.

Cloudera and Iceberg have become increasingly interconnected since it was integrated into the Cloudera platform in 2022. Leveraging Cloudera’s platform, powered by Iceberg, organizations can transform their data and analytics capabilities with open data lakehouses, making the most of data from across the entire enterprise with unique tools and no unnecessary data movement or transformations along the way. Building an open data lakehouse with Iceberg delivers significant benefits increasing self-service access, ease of use, flexibility, and delivering unified security and governance for all data. It accelerates the entire data lifecycle from streaming and ingestion to processing, analytics, and AI. 

One of the reasons Cloudera integrated Iceberg was its openness, with engine agnostic development and very broad community support. This enables unbiased, accelerated innovation and, for the first time, provides a common standard for all data in the organization, irrespective of the processing engine. It’s also one of the reasons why we see such a wide adoption of Iceberg in the market. The Iceberg community is deeply important to us at Cloudera. 

As it continues to grow, we continue to invest heavily in providing opportunities for learning, networking, and understanding exactly what this technology can do to benefit organizations and their data and analytics needs. With that in mind, we’re excited to share that Cloudera is a sponsor of this year’s Iceberg Summit 2024. The event, taking place virtually from May 14-15, features a variety of speaking sessions from experts, community members, and practitioners who will share insights and best practices for leveraging the full power of Iceberg.

This virtual event brings together a wide range of attendees for two days filled with technical talks, breakout sessions, and panels that cover the real-world experiences of data practitioners and developers working with Apache Iceberg as their table format. From data pipelines into Iceberg to data governance, the event will hit on a broad range of topics surrounding Iceberg.

Register now and join us at the Iceberg Summit or follow the link to learn more about Cloudera’s Iceberg integration. 

Navita Sood
Director Product Marketing, Modern Data Architectures
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