Acquisition of Verta’s Operational AI Platform Will Transform Cloudera’s AI Vision to Reality

Acquisition of Verta’s Operational AI Platform Will Transform Cloudera’s AI Vision to Reality

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping enterprises across the globe—be it in healthcare, finance, or manufacturing—it’s hard to overstate the transformation that AI has had on businesses, regardless of industry or size. At Cloudera, we recognize the urgent need for bold steps to harness this potential and dramatically accelerate the time to value for AI applications. It’s with this vision for the future and a commitment to continually enhancing our customers’ experiences that we announce the latest milestone in our journey: the acquisition of Verta’s Operational AI platform.

Why Verta? 

Cloudera is a leader in data management and enterprise AI. With 25% of the world’s data under management, it’s a mandate for us to shape the future for our customers and partners by innovating at the speed of business. This acquisition isn’t just about growth; it’s about deepening our IP and adding even more talent to better serve our customers with unmatched expertise and innovative solutions. The Verta platform will expand Cloudera’s enterprise AI portfolio and meet the growing demand across our global user base so that we can accelerate innovation for our customers. Leveraging Verta’s IP, we will simplify the process of bolstering customers’ private datasets to build custom retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) and fine-tuning applications​. As a result, ​developers — regardless of their expertise in machine learning — will be able to develop and optimize business-ready large language models (LLMs). 

Furthermore, Verta’s technology, such as model catalog, model development capabilities, model monitoring and AI governance tools, combined with Cloudera’s hybrid platform for data, analytics and AI powered by our open data lakehouse and data services for MLOps and more to modernize data architectures, can unlock new possibilities for our diverse global customer base. This powerful combination will ensure our customers’ data estates and data architecture is well prepared and future-proofed to handle increased demands for data ingestion, data curation, data conflation, data quality and governance for actionable insight with our enterprise AI apps on our open data lakehouse. 

Why now? 

It’s been a banner year for AI. The rise of Gen AI, of course, drove the dramatic surge in visibility and adoption. However, our customers asking what will keep AI relevant and accelerate its adoption for measurable business impact. Cloudera is setting a new pace in the race for AI adoption by strengthening our team to deliver results and accelerating our AI model lifecycle capabilities so that our customers can operationalize AI faster and drive forward with strategic initiatives that ultimately automate operations to reduce costs and focus on revenue generation. 

Through this acquisition, Cloudera is not just preparing for the future – we are actively shaping it. Our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies with our solutions ensures that we remain customer obsessed, and our users are equipped to ride the next wave of enterprise AI and outpace the competition. 

Read more about the announcement in our press release.

Dipto Chakravarty
Chief Product Officer
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