We’ll See You at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit

We’ll See You at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit

The Gartner Data and Analytics Summit in London is quickly approaching on May 13th to 15th, and the Cloudera team is ready to hit the show floor! The theme of this year’s summit, “Generating Value Together: Creating Synergies between Data, Analytics & AI,” could not have come at a better time as we push forward on our AI and analytics journey together. With the rapid pace of AI innovations, today’s leaders must connect, share, and learn from each other on how to best leverage AI technology to effectively analyze data to our advantage. 

At the summit, attendees will hear from chief data analytics officers (CDAOs), as well as data, IT, and analytics leaders spearheading their AI-driven strategies to deliver significant value to their enterprises. We’re at a crucial point in time where trusted data is fundamental for driving new AI use cases, enabling real-time operations, and allowing enterprises to easily scale.

With that, let’s take a closer look at what the Cloudera team will be doing over the course of the event.

Taking AI from Pilot to Production at Enterprise Scale

How well businesses implement emerging enterprise AI and ML use cases—predictive, generative, and beyond—will define the next wave of market leaders. While most enterprises are experimenting with AI, moving from pilots to full-scale AI solutions in production brings new challenges. Each initiative requires careful planning, domain knowledge, and a battle-ready enterprise data platform. 

On the second day of the summit, May 14 at 11:00 am BST, Cloudera’s own Senior Director of Product Marketing, Wim Stoop, will be spearheading a conversation on capitalizing AI opportunities with our customers, data leaders from BT Group, OTP Bank, and eMAG. In his conversation titled AI from Pilot to Production at Enterprise Scale, learn from Wim and his expert panel on how they are capitalizing on this AI opportunity and identifying AI use cases for transformation. 

Hybrid Horses for Courses: The Right Cloud for AI from Pilot to Production at Scale

Later, on May 14 at 12:40 pm BST, hear from Mark Samson, one of Cloudera’s solutions engineering directors, on whether a data center or cloud deployment is best for your organization’s data platform and architecture. 

As far as data storage and processing resources go, there’s cloud, and then there’s your data center. The data for your AI projects can come from either, yet different stages of the development lifecycle require different resource profiles and scalability. In his talk titled Hybrid Horses for Courses: The Right Cloud for AI from Pilot to Production at Scale, Mark will discuss the pros and cons of the two infrastructure choices for each of the lifecycle stages, highlighting the key capabilities organizations need in a platform to be able to move between them seamlessly.

This year’s summit will be an exciting deep dive into the best way to achieve organizational goals with AI and human intelligence led by some of the world’s top leaders.

In addition to our speaking sessions, the Cloudera team will also be on the show floor at booth #211, engaging with fellow attendees and sharing insights into how we can work together to achieve enterprise AI at scale.  

 Learn more about what’s happening at this year’s summit and check out the full session lineup.

Molly Boyer
Senior Director, Global Communications & Analyst Relations
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