Industry Transformation: the new business as usual

The Industry Transformation category at the Data Impact Awards has never been more timely. While the business world is mostly focused on digital transformation, Cloudera and our customers know that true, data-driven change is reshaping whole enterprises and entire industries.

We are also, at time of writing, in the middle of a global pandemic – which is creating an even faster rate of change in the way we work, communicate and engage with businesses and customers. And it’s not just about working from home or rethinking the way the office works – our behaviours and toolsets are fundamentally changing. Take traditional banking – where ATM and cash use is at an all time low. Or retail, where e-commerce and e-payments have overnight replaced much of the in-store experience for many. All these new interactions mean new data and new opportunities. 

It is well known that some of the greatest companies and organizations have been built and rebuilt during difficult times. That’s why enterprises need to capture, interrogate and harness all the new structured and unstructured data that is being generated, to continually refine their value proposition and get an advantage. Time to value has never been so fast and front and center.

At Cloudera, we are proud to be able to celebrate our customers who are leveraging data and analytics to pivot their business models, seize new opportunities and outpace their competition.

Last year, the standard of entries was excellent, with Asian telecom star Axiata taking the award for putting the Cloudera platform at the heart of its operations; using data-driven insights to improve  service delivery and transform the experience for millions of its customers. If you are looking for inspiration, then I recommend that you read about its cross-company centre of excellence, which uses AI, machine learning and data science to create new customer interactions in multiple languages, reduce incident times and improve the bottom line. 

And last year’s competition was stiff. The finalists in the Industry Transformation category included: 

  • ExxonMobil – with 10 million sensors collecting data across oil refineries and chemical plants, it improved energy efficiency as well as the business’ bottom line
  • Early Warning Systems – who set new industry standards for consumer privacy and security in Financial Services
  • Regions Bank – who use Cloudera Data Science Workbench to improve fraud capture rates by 95%

This year, we hope to see even more stories of organizational and industry-wide transformation among the finalists. We are especially looking for businesses that are taking a holistic view to transformation, bringing together simple, fast and complex data sets to deliver new insights and sustainable, positive business change. We are also looking forward to seeing entries for those customers that are combining a variety of structured, semistructured and unstructured data (from reports, to forms to photos to data from sensors) to generate brand new approaches that have the potential to shift their business models. 

Truly, the possibilities for transformation are limitless. We can’t wait to read your entries and showcase how Cloudera customers are changing entire industries for the better. Good luck!

For more on past winners and finalists, visit the archive site. And keep an eye on this year’s awards at

Cindy Maike
VP Industry Solutions
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