Do Cloud Better with an Enterprise Data Cloud

Cloud for analytics may be the biggest bait and switch in recent history. Until now.

Not long ago, cloud was billed as the promised land – a mystical paradise of flexibility, scalability, performance and, best of all, lower costs than we ever thought possible. Once initially-reticent enterprises got comfortable with the security aspects of cloud and jumped in with both feet, they discovered their dreams had become a nightmare of vendor lock-in, mobility struggles, unexpected security and governance risks, and worst of all, costs spiraling out of control.

The good news is there’s hope. There’s a way to do cloud better… A way that gives business users the analytics they need as quickly as they need it, while also being cost-effective, flexible and secure.

Cloudera’s new ebook, “Do Cloud Better with an Enterprise Data Cloud,” discusses how organizations can harness the power of cloud and turn it into value and advantage. 

Many organizations have hybrid cloud strategies that they landed on by default, for a variety of reasons including acquisitions, uncoordinated decisions without a strategy, or maybe even shadow IT that hardened into practice. The ebook lays out how to turn that non-strategy on its ear for the benefit of your organization.

First off, cloud strategy often leads data strategy – or rather, inhibits it – instead of being driven by it. The ebook offers a discussion of how and why a strong data strategy that aligns with and supports business objectives can help you develop the most appropriate cloud strategy. It puts the horse before the cart, helping you meet business users’ needs, support business growth, and manage cost and risk. It also establishes a modern cloud-native hybrid data architecture known as the enterprise data cloud. 

Secondly, the ebook explains how to leverage cloud in a way that gives data users the experience they want while enabling central IT to maintain centralized control, including consistent security and governance. 

Thirdly, it explains how enterprises can simultaneously enjoy cost savings, flexibility and agility, and security, continuously adjusting the degree to which each element is most required by the business needs.

And finally, it explains how you can get there from here – with “here” being one of three starting points:

  1. An inflexible data center
  2. Cloud leveraged as IaaS
  3. Patchworked cloud point solutions

“There” is, of course, the enterprise data cloud, that includes within a single platform:

  • Analytics for the complete data lifecycle
  • Support for any cloud and data center
  • Consistent security and governance
  • Openness in terms of open source and open frameworks.

Modern enterprises that find big data platforms no longer serve their needs would be well-served to explore Cloudera Data Platform, the first and only true enterprise data cloud.

To learn more, read our eBook: “Do Cloud Better with an Enterprise Data Cloud”.

Wim Stoop
Director Product Marketing
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