Emirates NBD: Enabling digital transformation, delivering innovation, and a more personalized customer experience

Emirates NBD: Enabling digital transformation, delivering innovation, and a more personalized customer experience

The financial services industry has been making successful strides to digitally transform their business, making more personalized offerings while still keeping the customer experience in clear sight.  Consumers want access anywhere, anytime, and answers fast. Whether the focus is on consumer or commercial banking, wealth management or capital markets, or all of the above, it’s all about relationships.

Emirates NBD is a leading banking Group in the UAE and a key participant in the global digital banking industry with over 90% of all financial transactions and requests conducted outside of its branches. The Group has operations in the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Singapore, Turkey and the United Kingdom, and representative offices in China and Indonesia. 

Embarked on a digital transformation journey to extend its competitive advantage and expanding international operations 

The bank knew that accelerating its digital capabilities and providing the right technology infrastructure for emerging innovation like Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning, required a superior information architecture.  This needed to include real-time data flows, deep analytical capabilities and most importantly, the ability to leverage such analytics to enable increased benefits to the customer.

Leveraging a partnership with Cloudera to drive data analytics and operational intelligence

Building trust and confidence increases the lifetime value. To achieve that on a global scale, financial institutions need to leverage big data and predictive analytics using a proven modern data architecture platform.

Emirates NBD wanted to leverage the best technology in the market to custom-build its enterprise data platform (EDP). This formed the foundation for the bank’s platform, providing data-driven analytics and operational intelligence. This provided ease of integration with Emirates NBD’s systems and applications, with data rapidly moved in and out of the platform through bulk load processing. 

Together, Cloudera and Informatica delivered a proven set of solutions for rapidly curating data into trusted information. Built-in big data governance and big data security made this comprehensive suite of management solutions fast, flexible, and enterprise-ready to turn big data into trusted insights.

Delivering the experience and more personalized customer insights achieves results

Banks already collect and store massive amounts of data that transform the customer experience.  Enabling end-to-end digital transformation and a personalized
customer experience, Emirates NBD’s platform is expected to deliver a total benefit of USD $14 million over the next five years. These benefits will be realized through a combination of increased productivity derived from having a single source of data, ingested once and made available for use across the entire organization, and storage and hardware cost reductions.  The bank was able to leverage big data in banking to provide data-driven analytics and operational intelligence that aims to enhance the customer experience through deeper, more personalized customer insights. It is no wonder this bank is changing the industry by making their customers lives easier by providing a set of products which help provide financial stability and fulfill their aspirations.

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Diana Yanez-Pastor
Director, Customer Marketing
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