Driving Digital Transformation for Federal Agencies with CXaaS

Driving Digital Transformation for Federal Agencies with CXaaS

For more than a decade, government CIOs have been gearing up for and championing digital transformation. And not a moment too soon: From federal headquarters to statehouses, agencies today are expected to mirror the near-seamless user experience of today’s commercial sector, delivering agile, efficient responsiveness to constituent needs. Expectations are only gaining velocity with the growing, high-profile adoption of cloud strategy and cloud-based capabilities that derive insight and provide value from agencies’ multitudes of data.

The parallel rise of public-sector digital transformation and accessible, intuitive user interfaces is opening a new chapter of IT service and support: We like to call it Customer Experience as a Service, or CXaaS. With a foothold established in the traditionally constituent-facing agencies and services—think the Department of Motor Vehicles or offices administering medical benefits or supplemental nutrition assistance—CXaaS is emerging as a clear path toward digital transformation that is meaningful, effective and delivers ROI.

As CXaaS gives agencies a compelling narrative for defining missions and goals, the private-sector partners that the government engages to improve operations and services must also evolve. How can industry still provide the value and positive experience that sustains long-term collaboration while also meeting the labyrinth requirements inherent to government work? The answer is CXaaS itself—and having the talent to deliver it better than the competition.

Focusing on the Deep End of the Talent Pool 

It’s not just any top-tier engineer who can walk into an onsite agency office, roll up their sleeves and work side-by-side with government customers. The CXaaS caliber of support requires engineers who are tech-savvy as well as credentialed and experienced with working in secure, air-gapped environments, sensitive to and able to navigate the diverse cultures of government offices.

When it comes to CX, end-users, and clients directly impact everything from your name recognition to your bottom line. We’ve learned that the CX lifecycle needs to be a smooth, end-to-end handoff that not only inoculates customers from bottlenecks and broken processes but is a driving principle in a robust support organization encompassing three key qualities: service delivery, capability, and supportability.

We’ve also learned that exceptional results tend to come from having exceptional people—again, not just the straight-A graduates, but those with “public sector personas,” capable of truly understanding our government customers’ distinct challenges and helping them achieve their goals. Cloudera has the best-trained engineers, consultants, and architects who firmly grasp the nuances and complexities of supporting government customers, and we’re investing in capabilities that walk our partners through dizzying requirements and directives, strict security governance, and highly regulated environments. 

This means Cloudera Public Sector Support can help customers with their CX through a wide range of avenues, whether it’s remotely or in on-prem, secure environments. While providing top-tier support and services for public sector customers is serious work, we’ve found that reframing the narrative—looking at it as delivering CXaaS to the organizations supporting constituents and working to improve CX themselves—has transformed our approach to how we do business. We’ve turned a corner on how we exceed our government customers’ expectations, and it starts with a CXaaS focus on innovation in hiring, support, and collaboration throughout the journey. 

To learn more about Cloudera’s Public Sector Support offerings, visit the public sector page of our website  or download our detailed brief on proactive and predictive government support

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