Paving the pathway to Cloudera Data Platform with Cloudera DataFlow

With the announcement of the availability of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), our customers have been buzzing with excitement. While each one of you has been trying out different aspects of CDP, we do recognize that you are in various stages of maturity in terms of your current product adoption or implementation. Particularly, our Cloudera DataFlow customers are in various stages of product adoption. The common thread is that CDP offers the vision for unifying all of us under one roof, giving us a Shared Data Experience (SDX) for unified security and governance across all the components. And, whatever be your deployment vehicle, CDP offers a way to support that – on-premises, public cloud, etc.

We, the Data-in-Motion team at Cloudera, are happy to announce the general availability of HDF 3.5. On a related note, Cloudera Flow Management (CFM) 1.1 will be available in the next week or so as well. The reason why this is such exciting news is that these will be the stepping stones for getting to CDP. Let me explain further below.

HDF 3.5 is a much-awaited release for our customers that still have HDF clusters of either NiFi, Kafka, or related streaming components. This version is built on top of the latest version of Apache NiFi as well as Apache Kafka 2.3.1. This supports data ingestion into not only the last version of the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) but also the latest version of CDP DC 7.1, which will be coming out shortly. If you are a Cloudera customer that is on an earlier release of HDF, this would be a perfect time to consider an upgrade. By getting on to HDF 3.5, you will make your migration into CDP much easier.

With the latest version of Apache NiFi 1.11.4, some of the coolest features that are available include –

  • Flow parameters: You can now define parameters for any component property in your flow (including sensitive properties!). This will greatly improve the whole CI/CD process for moving flows between environments with the NiFi Registry.
  • Encrypted repositories (technical preview): It was already possible to encrypt at the application level the data of the provenance repository. You can now do the same for the data in the flow file and content repositories.
  • NiFi Stateless: For advanced NiFi users, NiFi stateless is a new execution mode turning existing NiFi workflows into transactional microservices with no change. This only applies to a very specific set of workflows and requires specific environments. This is a game-changer for some use cases. We will be publishing more blog posts on this exciting topic separately.

Both of these releases are stepping stones for our customers to get to CDP. Stay current with your product updates and take advantage of some of the coolest innovations we have delivered for your enterprise needs.

Talk to your local account teams today if you want to learn more about these releases or to set up a migration plan for CDP!

Dinesh Chandrasekhar
Head of Product Marketing
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by Fahad on

Is this addition is only available on public cloud or it is also available in on-premises cluster?

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