Clouderans in London paddle for plastics

Clouderans in London paddle for plastics

The next time you take in the beauty of a clean waterway in Great Britain, remember to give a nod to your London Cloudera colleagues and Plastic Patrol.

In August, Clouderans in the London office spent the day balancing on paddleboards, volunteering with Plastic Patrol to clean up trash along the Limehouse Cut. In a single outing, 10 Clouderans scooped about a half-ton bag of waste from the river basin.


“Plastic pollution is real, huge and overwhelming in every corner of our local areas, cities and planet as a whole,” said Medard Sery, associate consultant of Professional Services EMEA and the London ambassador for Cloudera Cares. “Cloudera Cares London Branch, in the spirit of the power of ‘WE’, got together to come out of the office and work in their local community.”

Plastic Patrol hosts cleanups across the UK and the world. Over the past three years Plastic Patrol has removed than 230 ton bags of plastic litter. The items collected by our Cloudera colleagues were logged into the Plastic Patrol app, adding to the data that the organization collects to better understand and evaluate plastics pollution. In three years, Plastic Patrol volunteers have logged in the Plastic Patrol app over 165,000 examples of pollution across 60+ countries worldwide.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and would be happy to do it again in the future,” said Paul Wooding, who volunteered at the August cleanup.

Then he joked, “So who is volunteering to produce an ML app for data capture?” I guess you had to be there.

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