#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Vinicius Cardoso, Sr Solutions Engineering

#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Vinicius Cardoso, Sr Solutions Engineering

Meet Vinicius Cardoso, better known as Vini. 

He is a Sr. Solutions Engineer (SE) working in Australia. 

In his role, customers are at the center of everything he does. Wearing the hat of Enterprise Architect, he dives deep to understand customer’s organization goals, initiatives and requirements in order to identify the key capabilities that need to be delivered. 

His ability to think outside of the box, simplify complex technical problems and approach obstacles with a blended technologist and sales driven mindset is what makes him great at his role and what he feels would make for a successful SE at Cloudera.

While the role comes with its challenges, they’re challenges that drive this ambitious technical problem solver.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of the ‘Big Data Movement’”

Vini works alongside many other Cloudera teams to accomplish his key objectives. “I work directly with the Sales team, SE peers, Professional Services and Support teams, and our customers of course.”

“I have many large and important customers that heavily rely on our technology to improve customer experience, calculate customer risk profiles in real-time or address key regulatory requirements.” Because of this, Vini partners very closely with Support and regularly engages with our Critical Incident and Engineering teams to bring about quick case resolutions. 

With sales, his top responsibility is to progress sales opportunities by adding solution and technical win elements which includes identifying the right service offerings and assisting in scoping the deliverables. He shares the same sales targets as the sales team so while he brings a more technical expertise, they are on the same mission – bring value and win. 

Not only is Vini a part of the big data movement, he is a critical element for our customer’s success. 

Great work leads to great rewards

Vini is the first to admit that his job is no walk in the park. It’s a complex domain that brings about it’s own set of challenges. 

“One of my Customers has a complex platform with many clusters, two of them with hundreds of nodes each, holding 10 PB of data with more than 20,000 jobs running daily addressing key regulatory requirements, supporting fraud and risk applications, as well as serving the data science teams developing the next ML technology for the company.” 

But his work is pivotal to the success of our customers which is something he finds incredibly rewarding. “Personally, I’m proud to know that my work makes a difference at Cloudera. It’s not just a job, I feel I can drive real results to our clients and Cloudera.” says Vini. 

The rewards don’t end there

“My favourite thing about Cloudera is the people I work with. In addition to the fantastic vision, platform and technology, the team at Cloudera is amazing.” 

To add to that, Vini shares, “Cloudera provides fantastic benefits!” The most important of which is our people-first culture. 

“It’s an inclusive, multicultural, multi-skilled and forward-looking company that offers the flexibility needed to accommodate work and life. From working from home to being able to take time off when required, management is very accommodating and our Unplugged Days allow us to disconnect and reset.” It’s a sentiment shared by many Clouderans. 

Vini is not just all Tech and no play

Though this technical expert has always known he wanted to join the tech field – from convincing his dad into buying their first computer at 12 (and helping pay the bill), to joining a technical school at 14, entering the workforce at 15 and earning an internship at IBM – he is still sure to spend time where it’s important to him.

He prioritizes his family, above all else, and religiously spends Saturday with his wife, 9 year old son and 6 year old daughter playing and getting into fun adventures. 

When he isn’t busy cracking the code to our customers’ most complex needs or taking on new adventures with his family, he spends his time on two wheels either cycling or on his Ducati taking a joy ride with friends through New South Wales. 

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Vinicius Cardoso,
Sr. Solutions Engineer (SE), Cloudera Australia

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