Learn How Cloudera Drives Healthcare Data Insights at HIMSS 21

HIMSS21 is just a few days away, and we hope you will join us to talk about how we can all achieve better health outcomes by working together. Health organizations across the world are evaluating safety precautions as COVID-19 cases continue to wax and wane and they consider universal questions such as, when is it safe to allow our administrative staff to return to the office, and how can we reassure our patients that we are committed to their health and safety? 

Securely protecting healthcare data is critical for your organization’s success, whether data is ingested, streamed and stored in a data platform that runs in the public, private or hybrid cloud. You need better, faster access to relevant healthcare information for making real-time decisions and we’re excited to share how we can help. 

Be The Change

The theme of HIMSS21 is “Be the Change,” and we have all experienced many changes as a result of  COVID  during the past year. We expect many opportunities for healthcare professionals to discuss the impact of digital health on patients and their organizations as we all journey down the path of developing better connected health ecosystems and transition to  our ‘new normal.’ We also expect topics such as interoperability, social determinants of health, advanced analytics, economics, security and governance, and leadership to take top billing at the conference this year. 

While you’re at HIMSS21, we invite you to have a conversation with us about how we can partner with you to enhance clinical quality, drive business outcomes, improve operations, security and compliance, and safeguard revenue integrity. Cloudera offers a comprehensive data platform enabling data sourced from the bedside and the edge, such as ICU and CCU, to be analyzed using advanced machine learning and AI. You choose the environment that works best for your organization, whether it’s public, private or hybrid. We help deliver the gathered intelligence back to the point of care to drive better health outcomes.

Engage with us to learn learn how Cloudera offers:

  • Longitudinal audit trails for PHI & PII across on-premise and cloud
  • Security and governance in a hybrid environment
  • Public, private, hybrid or on-premise data management platform
  • Analytics that are simple to use and manage for actionable insights
  • Structure for unstructured data sources such as clinical & physician notes, photos, etc.
  • Safety, security and compliance across all analytics and clouds for managing regulatory needs from CMS, Joint Commission and FDA
  • Flexibility to deploy where needed

To read more about some of our customers’ successes, visit our healthcare healthcare solutions page page.

Meet with us

Join us for lunch: Attend our lunch session, “Driving Insights into Your Organizational Health Data in the Aftermath of COVID-19,” on Tuesday, Aug, 10 from 11:15 am to 12:15 pm to learn how Cloudera uses our own technology—Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)—across a secured data lifecycle to help our own executives and field personnel get answers to important questions surrounding security and governance, safety of employee data, security surrounding upstream and downstream data movement, and more. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Visit us for a demo: Visit Cloudera at Carahsoft booth #7603 for a quick demo or schedule one in advance here

Meet with us. Schedule time to talk with us 1-1 to learn more about how we can help you manage your data for better patient outcomes. Contact government@cloudera.com to request a meeting time now. 

We anticipate many conversations around security,  interoperability, digital health, data and analytics with HIMSS21 attendees as we all strive to Be the Change. We would love to share with you our passion for healthcare data and of course get to know you, and the needs of your organization better during the conference this year.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at HIMSS21. Safe travels and see you soon!

Cindy Maike
VP Industry Solutions
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