Certified technical partner solutions help customers succeed with Cloudera Data Platform

Certified technical partner solutions help customers succeed with Cloudera Data Platform

On August 18, we completed our Enterprise Data Cloud vision of bringing a truly hybrid cloud experience with the general availability of Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud (CDP Private Cloud). CDP Private Cloud, which is based on Kubernetes (RedHat OpenShift), extends cloud-native speed, simplicity and economics for the connected data lifecycle to the on-prem world, enabling IT to respond to business needs faster and deliver rock-solid service levels so people can be more productive with data. 

When we embarked on the CDP journey with the public and private cloud, we always knew that partners would be a huge part of the puzzle, specifically technology partners, to help drive joint hybrid solutions to our customers. 

Here’s how our partner ecosystem supports CDP Private Cloud for example.

CDP Private Cloud Ecosystem

Certified ISV Technology Partners

The Cloudera Connect Technology Certification program uses a well-documented process to test and certify our Independent Software Vendors’ (ISVs) integrations with our data platform. For the past few months, our partners have been working alongside our partner solution engineering team to test and certify joint integrations with Cloudera’s individual platform engines such as Apache Spark, Apache Hive, or Apache Impala, and/ or with security and governance components such as Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas, to ensure our customers can upgrade from Cloudera Enterprise (CDH) or from Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) to CDP with the assurance that their favorite BI, ETL, security tools will be certified and available for production deployments. 

Here are some of the example ISVs based on partner types that we have recently certified. We are currently working on certifying more partners. 

Certified ETL Partners 

Precisely’s products Trillium Quality, Trillium Discovery and Precisely Connect helps organizations seamlessly access, cleanse, enhance (including deletes), and share data for use in the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). Learn more about their solutions here.

Informatica and Cloudera deliver a proven set of solutions for rapidly curating data into trusted information. Informatica’s comprehensive suite of Data Engineering solutions is designed  to run natively on Cloudera Data Platform — taking full advantage of the scalable computing platform.

Talend’s data management environment running on Cloudera Data Platform enables you to create and execute Hadoop and Spark integration jobs, process and reconcile Big Data, and implement data governance processes using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This robust environment makes it possible to scale to any level and support any complex data type, so companies can focus on analyzing information instead of manually integrating data.

Gluent provides functionality to move data from proprietary relational database systems to Cloudera and then query that data transparently. The presentation of data from Cloudera within proprietary database systems is also supported. Gluent’s Smart Connector is capable of pushing processing to Cloudera, thereby reducing the storage and compute footprint on traditional data warehouses like Oracle. This allows our customers to reduce spend on highly specialized hardware and leverage the tools of a modern data warehouse. 

Certified Machine Learning Partners

H2O.ai’s H2O-3, Sparkling Water and Enterprise Steam along with Cloudera bring machine learning at scale, enabling data scientist to train models on big data. Data scientists can also automate machine learning with the industry-leading H2O.ai’s AutoML Driverless AI on data managed by Cloudera. In addition, data engineers can prepare and do data wrangling for machine learning at scale with various tools on Cloudera. Stream processing developers can deploy low latency inferencing pipelines (H2O MOJO or Driverless AI MOJO) into data flow (Apache Nifi) or streaming flow (Apache Flink).

Anaconda and Cloudera have crafted a joint solution that enables governance from data lineage all the way to the libraries and technologies used on top of the data. Anaconda Team Edition integrates with Cloudera Machine Learning to streamline the management of Python packages and dependencies, while giving data scientists quicker access to the open-source software they need.

Certified BI Analytical Partners

Qlik’s Qlik’s QDA platform integrates with all forms of Cloudera Data Platform and is the market’s most complete, cloud-native data analytics platform that democratizes data for every user with AI-driven assistance to uncover hidden insights for smarter data-driven decision making. Qlik integrates with Hive and Impala to provide a real-time dashboarding experience to business analysts.

Tableau helps people see and understand data. Tableau makes it easy to perform sophisticated visual analysis directly on data in Cloudera Data  Platform  without needing to know code or query languages. Tableau connects to data from Cloudera Data Platform and displays a series of fields that users can drag and drop to instantly create compelling visualizations and dashboards to present their findings.

Certified Security Partners

Protegrity patented ‘Vaultless Tokenization’ (aka pseudonymisation) technology integrates with Cloudera Data Platform to allow tokenized (aka pseudonymized) data to be mined and manipulated by business processes without having to return the data to its original form, meeting the requirement for rapid decision-making while keeping the data protected. This provides intrinsic protection of data and renders the data in CDP clusters useless to unauthorized individuals or entities, even if they are able to penetrate perimeter defenses.

Certified Application Monitoring Tools Partners

Pepperdata provides observability and continuous tuning for the big data analytics stack. They focus on helping joint customers get the most performance out of their big data systems. Pepperdata software automatically scales system resources in the Cloudera platform while providing a correlated view of the infrastructure and applications using hundreds of real-time system metrics.

Unravel Data is an intelligence platform that helps you simplify, optimize and control your Big Data activities. Their product integrates with Apache Impala and Apache Spark in the Cloudera platform to help customers monitor, manage, and improve your data pipelines in the cloud and on-premises – to drive more reliable performance in the applications that power your business.

Certified Data Quality Partner

OwlDQ provides a fast and elegant way to manage your data sets by learning through observation rather than human input. Owl applies the latest advancements in Data Science and Machine Learning to the problem of Data Quality, surfacing data issues in minutes instead of months. With the joint integration, Owl Analytics provides the most modern DQ solution based on spark and machine learning to Cloudera customers. 

Certified Kubernetes Shared Storage Partner

The Portworx Enterprise Storage platform delivers a flawless operational experience for CDP customers by providing a fully integrated solution for persistent storage, backup, disaster recovery, data security and automated capacity management for Redhat OpenShift Cluster.

We post these technology certifications and others in our partner listing to make it easier for joint customers to see if their favorite ISV product is certified on the latest distribution. To learn more about our Cloudera Connect Technology Certification Program, please read our recent blog.

Reference Architectures for CDP Private Cloud Base

We also understand that some of our customers are looking to refresh their hardware or run new clusters on newer hardware components. To that end, our hardware partners: Dell, Intel, and Cisco, have gone through extensive testing to ensure a faster time to deployment on upgraded hardware with the joint Reference Architectures.

Reference Architectures for CDP Private Cloud Base: 

Check out Cloudera Data Platform to learn more how you can take advantage of the Enterprise Data Cloud. If you are a partner interested in building a solution with Cloudera, please reach out to partner@cloudera.com or visit the Cloudera Connect Partner Portal today. 

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