What’s New with Technology Certifications on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

What’s New with Technology Certifications on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

Editor’s Note, August 2020: CDP Data Center is now called CDP Private Cloud Base. You can learn more about it here.

With the recent release of CDP Public Cloud, we are excited to announce that partners can now complete Technology Certifications on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). A Technology Certification for partner technology provides joint customers with a level of assurance that the product has been tested and is certified to work with CDP.

Cloudera uses a well-documented process to test our partners’ integrations with CDP before granting a Technology Certification. And with CDP, each certification has much greater reach. Because CDP provides a unified data architecture platform across cloud and on-premise deployment models, Technology Certifications will be based on integrations with the individual platform engines such as Spark, Hive, or Impala, and/ or with security and governance components such as Ranger and Atlas.

The benefits to joint customers who chose Cloudera-certified solutions include:

  • The knowledge that a joint solution has been tested to work with specific Cloudera components and proven in real-world deployments
  • A choice of providers for specific solutions and industries
  • Faster time to deployment with established reference architectures
  • Cloudera Support will help address customer questions for a Technology Certified product that has been tested and certified by Cloudera

Some of the benefits for partners who go through the process of certification on Cloudera Data Platform include:

  • Cloudera.com partner listings will be updated with a special Certified Technology Partner logo and certification details
  • Cloudera Support will assist with Cloudera certified products, which improves customer confidence
  • Joint solutions that are tested to work with specific Cloudera components and in real-world deployments are more likely to be adopted by joint customers
  • A certification completed on one form factor (i.e. CDP Public Cloud or CDP Data Center) is valid for both form factors

What’s changed with the introduction of CDP

One of the key changes to the new Cloudera Data Platform is that it combines Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub (CDH) into one unified platform. Now, customers upgrading from legacy HDP will get the benefits of being able to use Cloudera Manager, Atlas 2.0, Impala, Hue, and Kudu. At the same time, customers upgrading from legacy CDH will get the benefits of being able to use Hive LLAP, Hive on Tez, Atlas 2.0, Ranger, and Knox. 

Cloudera Data Platform also has the concept of a Shared Data Experience(SDX) layer. SDX is a powerful data fabric for complete security, governance, and control across infrastructures, providing ultimate deployment choice and flexibility. 

Finally, the new platform provides for self-serve experiences, which help reduce the time and effort to deploy common application types. The self-serve experiences are Data Warehouse, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Operational Database, and Data Flow and Streaming. CDP also manages, controls, and analyzes data anywhere: Multi Cloud, On-premises, and Hybrid Cloud. Learn more about CDP here

Changes to the Technology Certification testing process

For partners completing a Technology Certification on CDP, the process now has moved towards core business use cases, for example BI / Analytics, Data Prep / ETL, Data Governance, Streaming and IOT. This will simplify Technology Certifications for many partners. 

Previously with Cloudera Data Hub or Hortonworks Data Platform, partners needed to submit their test cases to our Partner Engineering team for review prior to executing them. With CDP, the Cloudera Partner Engineering team can provide partners with use-case based scenarios and test cases that include setup steps. Partners can run these test cases along with product-specific test cases and send an end-to-end test execution recording to the Cloudera partner engineer to validate. Alternatively, the partner can perform a live demo showcasing the execution of the test cases. 

Don’t wait to get certified

Cloudera Data Platform makes it easy for customers to take on any analytic workload from the Edge to AI all with enterprise-grade security and governance, whether on cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises. Our joint customers realize this, and they too want to start their CDP journey as soon as possible. We’re already fielding requests from our customers for CDP Technology Certifications, so don’t wait to get certified. If you’re already a Cloudera Connect partner, you can get started through the partner portal. If you’re not yet a Cloudera Connect member, Technology Certification is one of the many benefits you can enjoy by joining this program

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