Learn How To Hadoop from Tom White in Dr. Dobb’s

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It’s always a great thing for everybody when the experts are willing and eager to share.

So, it’s with special pleasure that I can point you toward a new three-part series by Cloudera’s own Tom White (@tom_e_white) to be published in Dr Dobb’s, which has long been one of the publications of record in the mainstream developer world – from which many original programmers learned basics like BASIC. Now, Dobb’s turns its attention to Apache Hadoop, which says a lot about Hadoop’s continuing adoption.

Tom, of course, is the author of the O’Reilly best-seller Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, and few people have a better record of being both knowledgeable and helpful for those who want to learn “how to Hadoop”.

In Part 1 (published April 16), Tom offers a lay-of-the-land, explaining what Hadoop is and how and why to use it. Part 2 (publishes April 23) will guide readers through writing and running their first MapReduce job. And Part 3 (publishes April 30) includes an introduction to MapReduce frameworks: Apache Pig, Apache Hive, and Apache Crunch. You’ll find simple, hands-on examples throughout.

Whether  you’re a Hadoop aficionado or just dipping your toes in the water (jump in, the water’s fine!), this series is a great resource for you.