Don’t Get Left Behind in the AI Race: Your Easy Starting Point is Here

Don’t Get Left Behind in the AI Race: Your Easy Starting Point is Here

The ongoing progress in Artificial Intelligence is constantly expanding the realms of possibility, revolutionizing industries and societies on a global scale. The release of LLMs surged by 136% in 2023 compared to 2022, and this upward trend is projected to continue in 2024. Today, 44% of organizations are experimenting with generative AI, with 10% having already implemented it in operational settings. Companies must act now in order to stay in the AI Race. 

But for many enterprises, the biggest hurdle is getting started. How do you adapt a foundational model to your specific needs? What about security, privacy, and trust concerns? How much is all this really going to cost? These questions are legitimate, and this is precisely where Cloudera plays a role.

Cloudera: Your Trusted Partner in AI

With over 25 Exabytes of Data Under Management and hundreds of customers leveraging our platform for Machine Learning, Cloudera has a long and successful history as an industry leader. Cloudera has had an in-house expertise in Machine Learning and has been helping customers deliver machine learning applications, build ML models, and deliver ML ops for the past decade. Now that the industry has advanced into Large Language Models and more intelligent forms of modeling, LLM Ops, fine tuning, and serving capabilities, Cloudera has seamlessly evolved alongside this expanding ecosystem. 

We’ve built a comprehensive AI stack designed to empower businesses to develop AI applications faster and more efficiently. Our Lakehouse architecture seamlessly integrates with your existing data infrastructure, and we offer a complete solution with cutting edge innovations such as Accelerators for ML Projects, advanced AI inference capabilities powered by NVIDIA, and open tooling for every step of the AI lifecycle. 

“The world of AI is moving at unprecedented speed and companies that do not modernize their stack now risk being left behind. It is more important than ever for companies to support the deployment of customer AI use cases, which is why I am excited about Cloudera’s Enterprise AI Fast Start. This release will remove the complexity from getting started with AI, delivered as a cost-effective bundle to deliver immediate business value.” said Sanjeev Mohan, Principal, SanjMo & Former Gartner Research VP, Data & Analytics. 

Introducing the Enterprise AI Fast Start: Accelerating AI Applications for Enterprises

The Enterprise AI Fast Start removes the complexity from getting started with AI and allows customers to have a much faster time to value for their AI use cases. This accelerator will provide access to the entire AI lifecycle, giving customers a robust, hybrid-cloud solution for production LLM ModelOps & real-time inferences.

Available for both public and private clouds, the Enterprise AI Fast Start is a time-limited offer delivered as a cost-effective bundle that fits within your budget and delivers immediate business value which includes:

Cloudera professional services to build a Proof-of-Concept AI application. Choose from high value use cases like Chat Q&A, Copilot, or Text Summarization.

  • Cloudera Machine Learning Public or Private Cloud. Our leading AI platform includes:
      1. Notebooks: Develop your applications and models using your preferred language and framework.
      2. Model Registry and Endpoints: Effortlessly manage your models through their lifecycle, including hosting and web app integration.
      3. Pre-built Demos and Reference Architectures (Accelerators for Machine Learning Projects – AMPs): Get a head start with ready-made solutions designed for specific AI use cases.
      4. Containerized Compute Sessions: Run your development and testing tasks with ease.
  • On Demand Cloudera Machine Learning training to build internal expertise

The Benefits of Embracing Enterprise AI Fast Start

With the Enterprise AI Fast Start, your organization can:

  • Develop hundreds of AI applications: Improve efficiency and gain valuable insights across your business.
  • Achieve Faster Time to Value: Deploy applications quickly and see results sooner.
  • Use Fewer Resources: Get started with AI without a massive investment.

Many of our customers are already reaping the benefits of Enterprise AI deployments. 

“Utilizing Cloudera within a modern architecture has allowed us to accelerate our ability to develop insightful models and Gen AI use cases that ultimately create more value for our customers. Our pursuit of innovative AI and data science technology will continue to help us develop even more impactful projects in the near future.” said Dr. David Hardoon, Group Chief Data & AI Officer, Union Bank of the Philippines.

Don’t wait any longer! Get started with the Enterprise AI Fast Start today and join the leaders who are shaping the future with Artificial Intelligence. Please find more information about this offering on our website

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Chief Strategy Officer
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