#ClouderaLife Employee Spotlight: Jess Hohn-Cabana

#ClouderaLife Employee Spotlight: Jess Hohn-Cabana

Spearheading communication strategies and driving global impact.

Meet Cloudera’s new Senior Vice President of Global Communications, Jess Hohn-Cabana. In this Employee Spotlight, we’ll get to know more about Jess, her new role, and her recent award win at the 2024 Ragan Top Women in Communications Awards.

Get to Know Jess: A Seasoned Leader in Tech Communications and Branding

Coming to Cloudera with nearly three decades of experience in tech communications and branding, Jess is a leader and a visionary on all things storytelling. Jess recently joined the Cloudera team after several years at Rocket Software and ASG Technologies, where she led internal and external communication strategies with a focus on PR initiatives, thought leadership, M&A communications, and executive communications. Jess also has extensive experience in brand strategy, analyst relations, and influencer relations, successfully building awareness for global bands and creating meaningful relationships with key audiences.

To delve deeper into Jess’s thoughts, experiences, and motivations, let’s turn the spotlight onto her with a few questions and answers.

What is one goal you hope to accomplish in your new role?

At Cloudera, my goal is to transform a virtually unknown company into a globally recognized brand. Enhancing Cloudera’s brand reputation and visibility requires creating narratives that focus less on product and feature functionality to messaging that resonates with our key audiences. This messaging should highlight how we help large organizations solve some of the most complex data challenges and strengthen their business operations.

We must also position Cloudera as a thought leader in our space. By focusing on thought leadership and strategic and consistent messaging, we can not only elevate Cloudera’s reputation but also influence industry conversations, differentiate ourselves from competitors, and ultimately contribute to our long-term success.

Why have you been drawn toward tech companies throughout your career?

I began my career at an Advertising and PR agency, working with clients ranging from retail to manufacturing to tech companies. However, my journey truly took off when I transitioned into a communications role at a software company in Silicon Valley. This is where I found myself captivated by the fast-paced energy and the ever-evolving landscape of technology. I mean, so much has changed even in the last year with AI, cloud computing, and the metaverse. In order to be successful in tech communications, you need to be able to evolve alongside these changes and innovations – something that is not just necessary but exciting. I feel particularly excited about joining Cloudera because of the continuous innovation happening within the business to help our customers solve their toughest AI and data challenges.

What is an underrated quality or skill in the communications field to have? How has that skill helped you?

There are several I could list, but I think the most important is the ability to actively listen. Active listening involves more than just hearing someone; it entails genuinely striving to comprehend the significance and intent behind their words. Communication professionals often spend time doing the speaking, but I’ve learned in my own career that having the ability to truly listen is critical for effective communication and forming meaningful connections. By actively listening, I can tailor communication strategies that address specific needs and requirements, resulting in more fruitful collaborations and successful outcomes.

You were recently named a Leader in Ragan Communications’ list of Top Women in Communications for 2024. What does it feel like to be honored alongside other female industry experts and visionaries who redefine the way communicators connect, inform, and innovate?

I know it may sound cliché, but it really is an honor. I was recognized alongside some truly talented and incredible leaders, industry trailblazers, and inspiring women. All of the honorees have accomplished some amazing feats throughout their careers, whether just starting out in the world of communications or industry veterans like me. While my name is the one listed, I see it as a team win – representative of all the intelligent and dynamic individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with – both past and present.

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