Workforce competency key to digital transformation efforts, more possibilities available through Skillsfuture Singapore

Workforce competency key to digital transformation efforts, more possibilities available through Skillsfuture Singapore

A sturdy data infrastructure coupled with a proficient workforce are pillars for an organization’s digital transformation efforts. 

McKinsey lists building capabilities for the workforce of the future as one of five categories of factors improving the chances of a successful digital transformation. Investing the right amount in digital talent and scaling up workforce planning and talent development could make transformation success up to three times more likely. 

We often work with industry leaders in sectors like banking and financial services to set the wheels in motion for digital transformation that benefits multiple stakeholders. Training and education is part of the value we deliver as our mission is to empower organizations to reap the full returns of a robust data strategy. Organizations facing the pressures of the digital economy need to remain agile and continue pushing the envelope further for innovation, underscoring the importance of having a trained workforce.

Cloudera’s training program benefit data professionals

Cloudera’s training program keeps up to speed with innovation, providing participants with a solid foundation to accomplish data exploration. Data professionals who have mastered the fundamentals of utilising an enterprise data cloud will be able to tailor applications to specific organizational needs, such as personalized customer marketing or fraud detection for the financial services sector. In addition, building capabilities for self-service analytics leads to businesses uncovering relationships among information points that were not apparent before. 

Cloudera’s courses are available via our training partners who are an important part of a process to develop data talent across various industries.

Knowledge is made more accessible to data talent

One of the training partners we work with is Agilitics, who has secured approval for participants to utilise Skillsfuture credits for a larger portion of the CCA Data Analyst course fees since earlier this year. 

This change could nudge those sitting on the fence about taking a course in data because of the investment required. Where Skillsfuture subsidies were previously capped at 70% of the course fees, all Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents will now receive up to 95% of funding support for direct training costs, with 90% offered through the Skillsfuture program and 5% through the Institute of Banking and Finance Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS).

The four-day course was primarily attended by participants who were funded by their employers. However, we expect more self-funded individuals to sign up for this course with the more generous funding scheme. 

Lowering barriers to entry is a vital step in nurturing more talents to actualize Singapore’s ambitions of being a Smart Nation, especially when essential training can be extended to those venturing into data.

Wide applications of course content

Listed under the Skills Framework for Financial Services laid out by Skillsfuture Singapore, the course content equips participants with the knowledge to access, manipulate, transform and analyze complex data sets using SQL and familiar scripting languages. Participants can then optimize Apache Hive and Impala queries and work on complex data as part of a data strategy for every stage of the data life cycle. 

This is a course I would recommend to individuals looking to make a career switch to the data industry and those who are currently data analysts in the financial industry as the course content will prime them for the next stages of their career in data.  

Upon completion of the course, participants have the option of sitting for an exam to be certified as a CCA Data Analyst. It never hurts to have another certification under your belt, especially if this certification ranks among the top 15 data science certifications for professionals in this field. 

Having the right skills to deliver defined organizational outcomes is imperative to sustainable long-term growth. Leaders cannot afford to neglect the people driving systems that we rely on to process our data and deliver actionable insights. Ultimately these tools are meant to be employed by humans, for humans.

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Remus Lim
Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan , Cloudera
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