Why I Prefer Cloudera CDP

Why I Prefer Cloudera CDP

CDO Spotlight: An investigation into the unfathomable assertion that the CDO of Cloudera would prefer CDP

“Cloudera CDO Prefers CDP!” 

What a shocker! Would I earn an ounce of credibility if you knew that I was previously a Cloudera customer before I became a Clouderan? When I joined L.A.-based nVizhen, a data consulting firm, I became a Cloudera partner. We implemented CDP (Cloudera Data Platform) for innovative G2k organizations so they could tackle transformational use cases and exact real-time insights. I witnessed first-hand the power CDP wielded across multiple industries. 

Now I’m here. When CEO Rob Bearden asked me why I wanted to join Cloudera, I told him I had nowhere left to go but in.

But I have good reasons to prefer CDP!

First, fullness

Second, reach

Thing#1 and Thing#2.

As a CDO, I need full data life cycle capability. I must store data efficiently and resiliently, pipe and aggregate data into data lakehouses, and apply machine learning algorithms and AI to uncover actionable insights for our business units. CDP gets me all of it. Snowflake and Databricks can’t get me close. Sure, I could buffet a bevy of other tools and struggle to cobble them together while I boost Bayer stock by abusing their signature product, but even so, I still wouldn’t have shared security, lineage and governance. Cloudera CDP gets me that out of the box. It’s called SDX. Look at the fullness I get with CDP.

Not just fullness, through the entire data lifecycle, but reach over digital geography as well. With AWS, Azure, and GCP, I’m stuck. That’s a problem for me

I need the whole matrix. I need the reach across both dimensions: capability and infrastructure. I want burst flexibility to crunch my year end and quarter end numbers most cost effectively. I must be able to choose where my data resides because like everyone, I’m subject to data privacy regulation. And as business needs evolve, I must be able to shift my data and analytics where they are best placed without having to redo security and compliance, and without having to reimplement, rearchitect or redevelop. CDP provides that portability out of the box.

That brings me to the only two choices I have. 1. Without Cloudera CDP, I forgo security while spending considerable effort rewriting and integrating numerous applications to work on each cloud, and I wouldn’t be able to generate much business value while I do it. 2. With Cloudera CDP I can operate in any cloud without the need to rewrite my applications, and I get integrated lineage, governance, and security.

So for me CDP isn’t just a preference, it’s my only choice.

Shayde Christian
Chief Data & Analytics Officer
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