Protect the Business from Edge to AI with Cloudera Cybersecurity

Protect the Business from Edge to AI with Cloudera Cybersecurity

Gartner estimates 30x connected device growth by 2020.  Faster 5G networks bringing an explosion of inexpensive, connected devices. This enables new and more innovative applications and capabilities to improve customer experience.    

However, all these new applications and connections also broaden the network attack surface. This increases the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks. 

Security operations are already short staffed and struggling with alert fatigue.   Too many security tools, too many alerts – and not enough context or staff resources for investigations.   Security professionals need new ways to find the right data and prioritize alerts for appropriate investigation.  And perhaps the greatest challenge of all, identifying and preventing Advance Persistent Threats – APTs. One of the most insidious cyber threats in technology today. Once intruders get into a system, they may lurk for months or even years before they strike. The results can have devastating consequences, including large-scale theft of intellectual property (IP), personally identifiable information (PII), or other sensitive data.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that cybersecurity has become an urgent topic of conversation for organizations across every industry, and a priority investment among most IT departments. And for good reason: theft, fraud, lost intellectual property are a persistent threat. Reputational damage alone can even kill a business outright. As a result, it should not be a surprise that organizations are looking for new ways to detect and investigate cyber threats. 

Cloudera’s Edge to AI Cyber Security Platform (CCP) increases security operations efficiency by weaving security point solutions together into a common repository and identifying the most important alerts – all the way from the Edge to AI.  The open source CCP platform collects and moves, prepares, prioritizes and organizes security data in real time at scale.  You can store, visualize and train models on years of security data.

The major benefits of CCP are:

  1. Real-time ingestion. You can respond more rapidly to minimize the impact of cyber incidents.
  2. Cost effective and scalable platform. You can store longer context of data and new types of high-volume security data that are otherwise too expensive or exceed legacy tool ingestion limits.  For example, DNS, netflow, packet as well as IoT captures.
  3. Open source, extensible and configurable. Free yourself from vendor lock-in and unlock your security data at the same time. CCP offers ultimate flexibility to control how security data is organized, retained and accessed.  While retaining your ability to use your favorite visualization and analytics tools to explore, build custom dashboards, and much more. 

Is your organization ready to tackle the challenges of our increasingly connected world?   Check out more information, here. 

We have a webinar coming up on November 20 that explores in more detail how we can help solve some of these challenges for you. Join us! How to adopt real-time machine learning in cyversecurity


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