Expanding Possibilities: Cloudera’s Teen Accelerator Program Completes Its Second Year

Expanding Possibilities: Cloudera’s Teen Accelerator Program Completes Its Second Year

At Cloudera, we’re known for making innovative technological solutions that drive change and impact the world. Our mission is to make data and analytics easy and accessible to everyone. And that doesn’t end with our customer base. 

We also aim to provide equitable access to career opportunities within data and analytics to the workforce of tomorrow.

The Teen Accelerator Program is an inspiring step in shaping a brighter future.

In July, Cloudera closed its second year of the Teen Accelerator program – a program hosted by the Diversity Equality + Inclusion team, run in partnership with The Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee and of the Peninsula. Its objective is to level the playing field for high school students to gain access to careers in technology by offering a unique blend of personal and professional development opportunities that can transform their lives. To date, we are proud to have served 97 students.

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A catalyst for growth, confidence and a lot of fun along the way.

The impact has been immeasurable. As we celebrate closing out the program with a 6 week internship, the students have grown in ways we could not have anticipated.

What we learned from them is that the biggest transformations can come from what may seem to us as the simplest of experiences. Things like working across different time zones, shadowing customer calls, hearing about the career paths of various employees, helping plan events, facilitating a meeting, and learning to build LinkedIn profiles, left lasting impressions.

From one intern: “Being able to work at Cloudera was one of the best times of my life. Everyone was so warm and was always willing to help you. I never expected to have so much fun but this internship exceeded my expectations. Having the chance to take on responsibility with all tasks I handled was refreshing and allows me to have skills that I can use for the future. Additionally, Cloudera gave me the chance to step out of my comfort zone and grow as a person. This summer allowed me to prepare for my future but it also gave me the opportunity to create fond memories.”

A resounding sentiment from all involved is they’ve seen a leap in confidence within the students. One Boys & Girls Club staff member shared their perspective. 

“2 years ago, this student came to the clubhouse as a super shy individual, hair covered their face and they never looked up or said much. Fast forward to now, they’re demonstrating SO much confidence and walking with a different beat in their step. This student is consistently reaching out to the staff to share updates and highlights from this internship, and is loving their experience. The Teen Accelerator program has helped provide a major opportunity to increase their confidence and overall engagement!”

Carolyn Bai, who facilitates the program, shares her thoughts on its impact.

“I am incredibly proud of the students’ ambition to push themselves outside of their comfort zone to pursue things they never would have thought to before.” 

Growth is a two way street. 

The students aren’t the only ones who find value and growth from this program. 

Behind the scenes, Clouderans play a pivotal role in this initiative. Employees volunteer their time and expertise serving as mentors and intern managers, often for the first time. As the students gain experience working in the tech industry, Clouderans gain experience being people managers and helping lead the charge to reach shared goals. 

“I gained the experience of being responsible for someone’s professional development. It was amazing to see how much they could achieve during their internship, and how strong a mentor/mentee relationship should be to assist each other in achieving our goals.” One intern manager shared. 

By participating in the program, Clouderans cultivate valuable leadership skills all while making a positive impact. It’s a relationship that is mutually beneficial to all involved! 

A shining example of how corporations can change the trajectory of today’s youth.

The results are impressive, the experience is fun and the impact is lasting.

Cloudera’s Teen Accelerator Program is creating a ripple effect in the futures of the students that participate. It’s more than just another internship program. It’s a tool to help bridge the gap for underserved youth as it aims to inspire students to reach beyond their imagination. 

We recognize that in order to create a more equal and diverse workforce in the future, we need to invest today in students, especially those that may not have access to resources and guidance.  Stephanie Han, a co facilitator, shared that “with continued leadership support, I am excited to continue on this journey and see all that year 3 brings!” and it seems safe to say that’s a sentiment everyone can agree on.

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