#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Fanly Tanto, Regional Sales Director

#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Fanly Tanto, Regional Sales Director

Meet Fanly Tanto

Fanly is a Regional Sales Director operating out of Indonesia and the recent recipient of Channel Asia’s Women in ICT “Shining Star” Award – an award recognizing candidates with “a strong record of achievement and a consistent high performer who regularly achieves standout business results and continues to assume increased levels of seniority.” 

This award was presented to Fanly for her work positioning Indonesia as the fastest growing market in Asia Pacific for Cloudera. In the face of a global pandemic, she continued to display outstanding leadership allowing her team and herself to break into new markets, bring on prominent new clients, enhance the customer experience and build key alliances with our leading partners. 

For over 5 years, Fanly has brought her strengths to Cloudera

She currently leads a team of 4 Account Executives who are all responsible for bringing Cloudera’s solution to customers and prospects with some of the biggest data challenges.

“Most days are spent meeting with our customers and potential customers, helping them use insights from their data to solve complex business problems and stay competitive.” says Fanly.

She finds passion in what she does. To her, hitting sales targets is important, but her passion runs deeper than that alone. She also finds joy in bringing a solution to the table that moves the needle for the companies she engages with – Cloudera allows her to do just that. “I love helping customers and prospects see how our solution brings them value and actually makes a difference.” 

What makes Fanly most proud is when she can help her team grow and maximise their potential.  “My team members make their targets and have fun while doing so and our customers speak highly about us, it means we’re all doing something right.” 

Cloudera Brings the Balance She Needs.

As passionate as Fanly is about sales and helping companies find the technology that will advance their goals, it’s Cloudera’s culture of inclusivity, balance and care that make this one of the best places she’s worked at. 

She describes Cloudera as “a place where we can all be our truest selves. Every voice counts here no matter your experience or level. Customers and employees are at the center of Cloudera – we strive to serve what is best for everyone.” 

As she has grown in her role, she has taken on more responsibilities and challenges yet time and time again, she has risen to the occasion. Initially, she was hesitant to become a people manager. There was a bit of doubt and trepidation but with some encouragement from her own manager, she moved forward – a decision both she and her team members are thankful for and one that brought her to where she is now. 

She inspires through her impact

Being named as the Shining Star in the Channel Asia’s Women in ICT was something Fanly didn’t expect. “Honestly, I didn’t think I would win because there were so many wonderful and talented women nominated. I’m very happy and honored to accept this award.” On top of the well deserved recognition from peers near and far, this has been a major step to helping her achieve a larger goal – “It’s my hope that I can create an impact and to encourage other women to step into leadership roles.”

This inspirational powerhouse isn’t just knocking out sales targets and expanding the Cloudera market, she’s also a mom of 2 and spends her free time cycling. Each week she aims to cycle for a minimum of 100km and plans to cycle from Jakarta to Bali with her husband soon.

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