CDP Data Center: Better, Safer Data Analytics from the Edge to AI

Editor’s Note, August 2020: CDP Data Center is now called CDP Private Cloud Base. You can learn more about it here.

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Data Center is the most comprehensive on-premises platform for integrated analytics from the Edge to AI – spanning ingest, processing, analysis, experimentation and deployment. It combines the best of Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub and HDP Enterprise Plus, a fusion of the latest and greatest open source data management and analytics technologies, integrated to work together, and optimized for deployment within the data center.

On October 24th, we demonstrated our CDP Data Center offering during a webinar highlighting key business benefits, use cases, and product capabilities. Below is a brief overview of the topics covered, followed by the most frequently asked questions posed by attendees.

CDP Data Center – Enabling the Enterprise Data Cloud On-premises

CDP Data Center is the first of our on-premises offerings for Cloudera Data Platform, facilitating the realization of an effective enterprise data strategy for achieving competitive advantage through data-driven insights. CDP Data Center is a foundational element of CDP hybrid, and multi-cloud deployment architectures (Figure 1) that enables

  • A holistic view of data and metadata,
  • A complete platform overview from a single pane of glass, the CDP Management Console,
  • A common data catalog across all your deployments worldwide in various data centers and clouds,
  • Synchronization of data sets and metadata policies between infrastructures as needed,
  • Bursting on-premises workloads into the cloud when more capacity is needed, and
  • Analyzing and optimizing workloads using Workload Manager regardless of where the workloads run. 

Figure 1. CDP hybrid, multi-cloud architecture

Better – something new for everyone

Get something new! Regardless of whether you are currently using CDH or HDP, you can innovate your data analytics core with CDP Data Center – powered by our new, fully integrated open-source distribution – and Cloudera Manager for complete security, governance, and control of your Edge-to-AI workloads.

 If you are coming from CDH, you can look forward to…


If you are coming from HDP, you can look forward to… 

Everyone can look forward to…

Safer – data and workloads that are secure by design

With CDP’s Shared Data Experience (SDX), your data and workloads are secure by design. Achieve new levels of security and governance thanks to advanced authentication and authorization capabilities spanning attribute-based access control (ABAC), dynamic masking, classification-based security, fine-grained access, automated policies, and more.

SDX enables consistent data security, governance, and control with key services that encompass

  • a comprehensive data catalog for all data, providing safe, self-service access to discover, curate, and share;
  • automatic capture and storage of all schema and metadata definitions as they are used or created by platform workloads;
  • granular, dynamic, role- and attribute-based security policies including data encryption across the stack at rest as well as in motion;
  • enterprise-grade auditing, lineage, and governance capabilities applied across the platform with rich extensibility for partner integrations;
  • and finally, replication: delivering data and data security as well as governance policies where the enterprise needs to work.


The most valuable and transformative business use cases require multiple analytic workloads to run against shared data as well as diverse data sets. CDP Data Center enables Edge-to-AI analytics, providing persona-driven experiences from data engineers to business users to data scientists, and paving the way to new private cloud deployment options.

Edge-to-AI analytics

With CDP Data Center, you can enable multi-function analytics using an integrated suite of analytic engines spanning stream, batch data processing, data warehousing, operational database, and machine learning in support of a diverse set of operational and analytical use cases.

Persona-driven experiences

Whether you are a data engineer, business user, data analyst, or data scientist, CDP Data Center provides a spectrum of specialized capabilities to address all your data analytics needs. With CDP Data Center, businesses can expand to new experiences thanks to its solid foundation for containerized compute applications such as the recently released Cloudera Data Warehouse and Cloudera Machine Learning, with more to come soon.

Foundation for private cloud deployments

Furthermore, CDP Data Center is the building block of CDP Private Cloud deployment. It contains all the stateful aspects of the deployment; the data, the metadata, the security, the governance, and the infrastructure.

In summary, CDP Data Center delivers trusted, high-value analytics for the edge to AI-powered operations. It lowers IT operational costs and overhead since there is only a single platform to maintain across any and all infrastructures. It eliminates security risks through SDX. It eliminates vendor lock-in as workloads can be deployed anywhere, allowing changing business needs to be fulfilled by dynamic deployments across infrastructures. The safe, self-service access it provides to data and analytics ultimately increases business agility and insight. Lastly, its centralized governance makes achieving regulatory compliance straightforward.

Highlights of Q&A Session

Cloudera received several questions from participants. We have addressed a few of the more commonly asked questions below.

What is the release date for CDP Data Center?
CDP Data Center will be released during Q4 of 2019.

When will the CDP Data Center documentation and training become available?
Product Documentation and training will become available during Q4 2019

Is there a table that compares various components available in CDP Data Center, CDH and HDP?
Yes, you can find the comparison here.

Does CDP Data Center include Zeppelin?
Apache Zeppelin will not be included in the first release but is scheduled to be added soon thereafter. 

Can I try CDP Data Center now?
Yes, please contact your account team if you would like to try CDP Data Center now. 

If you missed the Cloudera Data Center webinar and demo, watch the replay here now

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