Beyond Connectivity – Top 5 Ways Data and Analytics Drive Transformation in Telecom

Beyond Connectivity – Top 5 Ways Data and Analytics Drive Transformation in Telecom

A Call for Change

The telecommunications industry is in the midst of a fundamental reinvention and transformation. Faced with a range of emerging pressures – including consolidation, a changing competitive landscape, and commoditization of traditional services  – communication service providers (CSPs) are seeking new revenue streams and novel business approaches.

Today’s leading CSPs have begun to reimagine themselves not just as facilitators of communications, but increasingly at the center of the digital service experience, tasked with connecting, collecting, managing and enhancing services for customers. To remain competitive, they are looking to enhance the end-to-end customer experience, provide personalized offers and recommendations, optimize network performance and investments, reduce the risk of fraud and cyber-threats, and to capitalize on new business and digital services opportunities.

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The role of data and analytics

CSPs are some of the largest aggregators of data on the planet and have access to an unprecedented number of data sources including customer profiles; device, network, and location data; customer usage patterns; apps downloaded, content preferences, clickstream data, and sensor data. So much data is being generated every minute and with the advent of technologies such as 5G, the data sources and volumes continue to grow incrementally.

With so much data being generated, CSPs must ask how they can leverage this treasure trove of data they have at their disposal and turn it into something meaningful that will help them deliver a more compelling and personalized customer experience, optimize their network, reduce churn or help drive new revenue streams?

For many CSPs, the sophisticated and thoughtful use of data will prove a key business differentiator in this new environment. As CSPs embrace their emerging role as digital service providers, they can leverage the power of data to overcome some of their most pressing challenges.

How are CSPs using data and analytics today? 

Competitive CSPs are moving to embrace this emerging era by implementing new means to ingest, process, store, analyze, and drive actionable insights from any type of data anywhere. The opportunities for transformation are extensive. With cutting-edge analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, CSPs can analyze large amounts of real-time data to drive significant business impacts. Data and analytics offer the opportunity to analyze churn, conduct targeted marketing, identify fraud, optimize networks, monetize 5G, and launch compelling new revenue engines such as connected cars, connected factories, smart cities, etc. All these have the potential to fundamentally redefine the telecommunications space. 

The main ways forward-thinking CSPs are reinventing themselves using data and analytics include: 

  1. Customer Experience Analytics: CSPs are leveraging analytics to build a 360-degree view of the customer journey across all channels and lines of business. They are building churn prediction models to identify and proactively reach out to at-risk customers, and also develop targeted micro-segments of the consumer base to create personalized offers and recommendations.
  2. Network Optimization: CSPs are using advanced analytics and machine learning to effectively monitor and manage network capacity, build predictive capacity models, identify bottlenecks, and prioritize and plan network expansion decisions. Using advanced analytics, CSPs are also using network and traffic data to predict and dynamically provision network capacity.   
  3. Operational Analytics: For providers seeking to ensure peak operational performance, key day-to-day operational data offers insights for revenue assurance, fraud, cybersecurity, financial forecasting, and equipment maintenance.
  4. IoT and Digital Services: CSPs can move beyond just providing connectivity to become an integral part of the internet-of-things (IoT) ecosystem by offering analytics and verticalized solutions for specific industry domains.
  5. Connected Ecosystems: CSPs can effectively perform their role as key enablers of interconnected technologies – from connected cars and homes to smart cities.

IoT represents a unique area of opportunity for CSPs looking to diversify their offerings and embrace new business opportunities. The IoT ecosystem is expected to reach 25 billion connected devices by 2025, supporting more than 1.4 billion 5G connections. CSPs are ideally situated to provide end-to-end IoT solutions: They can collect streaming data while processing, storing, analyzing, and serving that data and the resulting intelligence back to their customers, enriched with location-based and geospatial elements in support of enterprise verticals.

Future-forward CSPs are already heading this way. Across the globe, leading CSPs are leveraging Cloudera’s data management platform to gain a 360-degree view of their customers, reduce churn, improve network performance, minimize fraud, and deploy new IoT and connected streaming use cases.

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The Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) supports CSPs with the industry’s first enterprise data cloud, delivering powerful self-service analytics across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, along with sophisticated, granular security and governance policies. CDP offers data warehouse and machine learning services, a data hub service for building custom business applications, and a unified control plane to manage infrastructure, data, and analytic workloads – all built on an open-source foundation.

To learn more about Digital Transformation in Telecommunications Download the eBook: Top 5 Data and Analytics Use Cases 

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