Announcing the 2019 Data Impact Awards

Announcing the 2019 Data Impact Awards

We are excited to be launching our first awards program together as the “New Cloudera.” Although the program is technically in its seventh year, as the first joint awards program, this year’s Data Impact Awards will span even more use cases, covering even more advances in IoT, data warehouse, machine learning, and more. The program recognizes organizations that are using Cloudera’s platform and services to unlock the power of data, with massive business and social impact.

Every year we are blown away by the incredible things our customers are doing with our products. Cloudera’s data superheroes design modern data architectures that work across hybrid and multi-cloud and solve complex data management and analytic use cases spanning from the Edge to AI. And the use cases truly are endless: from using predictive analytics to prevent millions of dollars in fraudulent transactions, to using data science to close the pay equity gap; from improving the customer experience to refining pharmaceutical R&D to develop life-saving drugs faster. Our customers dream big and do bigger.

Cloudera Data Impact Award winnersRead about last years Data Impact Award winners

We’re looking for your most innovative projects, the ones that have transformed your business or your industry. If you’ve democratized data within your company, we want to hear from you. If access to real-time insights is changing the way you do business, we want to hear from you. If you’re using predictive machine learning models to save time and increase productivity, we want to hear from you, too. If your data projects reach beyond the wildest corners of our imagination, submit your nomination!

Over the next few weeks, we will be recruiting an army of industry analysts and thought-leaders to be our judges for this year’s awards. We rely on the judges to score nominations, Cloudera plays no role in judging (so hold on to your compliments!). If you’re aiming for a finalist spot, be sure to include details and metrics around the business impact of your data project and results achieved.

Award Categories

The 2019 Data Impact Awards recognize organizations’ achievements with the Cloudera platform in seven categories:

Data From the Edge-to-AI

Organizations that have tackled transformative business use cases by running advanced analytics and machine learning workloads against data spanning from the Edge to the data center or cloud (including multi or hybrid cloud deployments)

Data for Enterprise AI

Organizations that have built and deployed systems for distributed machine learning and artificial intelligence at scale, driving business outcomes and benefiting customers with “industrialized” AI across the enterprise

Data Anywhere

Organizations that have modernized their data architecture, innovatively optimizing their infrastructure to unlock value from any data, anywhere—on-premises or across hybrid and multiple public clouds

Data Security and Governance

Organizations that have centralized management, security and governance of their data and metadata policies, improving business agility and insight, modeling and reducing business risk, securing data, preventing fraud, and/or meeting regulatory compliance with success

Data Champions

Organizations that have contributed in an extraordinary way to the community, giving back by sharing expertise and best practices and helping other organizations be successful

Data for Good

Organizations that have tackled some of the most challenging issues affecting society and the planet, making what was impossible yesterday, possible today and transforming the future

Industry Transformation

Organizations that move their business to the next level and disrupt their industry by identifying new technologies, applying new skills, and operationalizing processes

Nominations are open now until July 19. Organizations can be nominated by their own employees or  partner organizations, or by peers, with the nominee’s consent. Visit the website for more details and to submit your nomination.

We look forward to announcing the winners at the awards ceremony on September 24 in New York during the week of Strata Data Conference! May the odds be ever in your favor!

Arielle Diamond
Customer Advocacy Manager, Marketing Communications
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