Cloudera & Informatica – Next-Gen Analytics Partners

Cloudera & Informatica – Next-Gen Analytics Partners

Coming up, Cloudera will be featured at Informatica World (global customer event) in Las Vegas. The conference provides a useful opportunity to reflect on the rapid evolution we’ve seen in the Data Integration and Management space, much of it driven by the innovations that Cloudera and the open source community have been delivering.

First off, it’s important to recognize the impressive job that Informatica has done in re-inventing itself and adapting to this new technology ecosystem. Some of the key trends we’ve both seen in the market are:

  1. Proprietary processing and infrastructure platforms cannot match the scale and innovation of the open-source infrastructure community, but every large enterprise analytics project needs multiple different engines to meet their goals. Hence the focus we put on helping Informatica ensure they have first-class support of modern engines like Spark, Hive Solr and others to complement their own Blaze engine.
  2. The traditional Data Warehouse ETL process has splintered into many smaller components. Ingest is now focused data capture and real-time trend analysis where possible. Once data is brought under control in a system like Cloudera, then the work of Data Preparation, Quality begins.
  3. As companies migrate away from traditional Data Warehouses to Next-Gen Analytics platforms optimized for self-service, the concept of a constrained, structured schema for data discovery is becoming less relevant and being replaced by Data Catalogs. Informatica’s EDC product, which is built using several of the open source engines that Cloudera supports and integrates closely with Cloudera SDX, is one we are seeing be widely adopted by our large enterprise customers.
  4. Embedding AI to make it “boring”: Cloudera’s own Hilary Mason has spoken about the potential that AI & ML provides in solving highly impactful business problems by making it seamless and straightforward to embed in everything they do. Informatica has done a great job applying ML to mundane tasks such as Data Quality, Data Matching and Master Data Management.
  5. All of this is underpinned by the emergence of what Cloudera calls the Enterprise Data Cloud. This means that companies want to consume these capabilities wherever an Enterprise’s Data may be: at the edge, on-prem or across multiple public & private clouds, while at the same time having the elasticity and flexibility required to adapt to rapidly changing business conditions, and keeping full control & ownership over their data and it’s governance.

On Monday, May 20th, Cloudera’s GM of Products, Charles Zedlewski, will join Ronen Schwartz, Informatica’s General Manager, Cloud, Big Data & Data Integration, to discuss these trends in the market and how both companies are collaborating to ensure our joint customers can successfully make the transition.

Enabling Customer Success

We’re looking forward to hearing our joint customers talk about how they’ve been able to leverage this work:

  • In the Next-Gen Analytics area, our joint customers Symcor (NGA112 session) and OVO Group (Market Perspectives session) will cover the amazing business benefits that they have seen from their new architecture in the areas of Fraud Detection & Prevention and Customer Insights respectively.
  • In the Data Governance & Security track, Munich Re (DCG106 session) will talk about the importance of leveraging Data Management and Governance tools in order to give their business end-user community the confidence and safeguards needed to rapidly test hypotheses and develop new insights at scale.

Next Steps

Visit us at Informatica World 2019

  • Attend Charles Zedlewski’s main stage talk Monday, May 20th at 11:40am on the opening day of Informatica World.
  • Stop by the Cloudera kiosk in the AI & Cloud Innovation Zone, #AC02 at the Solution Expo, The Venitian.
  • Visit our partner website to learn more about the Informatica and Cloudera partnership.
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