An Introduction to Ranger RMS


by Daniel on

Hi Kiran,

that is a very useful feature! Happy to see this enhancement. A kind of similar functionality (less smart) was already there in Apache Sentry and was very useful for reading Hive managed tables in Spark ETL jobs.
Do you have plans to make this available on CDP Public Cloud? (I believe this will require Ranger RAZ as well)

Thanks and regards

by Kiran Anand on

Hi Daniel,
Ranger RMS is currently designed to address the “HDFS ACL Sync” option in Sentry for CDP Private Cloud Base clusters. At this point, this feature is currently not available in CDP Public Cloud. There are open requests to implement an equivalent feature on CDP Public Cloud.

by Daniel on

It would be also useful to have a checkbox for the “hive managed table RMS sync” on policy level in Ranger. So policy creator & maintainer can decide if he wants to use that feature for that specific database or table.

by Kiran Anand on

Good point. Currently there is no table level switch in RMS for Managed tables. As mentioned in the blog, there is a global configuration which controls if all Managed Tables are mapped in RMS.

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