4 Reasons to Take Advantage of the Cloudera Connect Partner Portal

4 Reasons to Take Advantage of the Cloudera Connect Partner Portal

Cloudera Connect gives our vibrant ecosystem of partners—system integrators, consulting partners, ISVs, hardware and cloud providers, resellers, and managed service providers—ready access to the continued investments we’re making in their Cloudera businesses. It also helps them accelerate customer adoption of end-to-end data solutions. If you’re a member of this program, the Cloudera Connect partner portal serves as your gateway to benefits such as training and enablement, market development funds, deal registration, and our trusted technology certifications and solution competencies that customers trust.

Over the last 12 months, we have made a series of improvements to the partner portal. Our primary goal was to create meaningful conversations between our partners and Cloudera. We also wanted to elevate the partner experience by using our own technology to provide useful insights to partners. Here are four reasons our partners should take advantage of our partner portal on an ongoing basis. 

Reason #1: Centralized management of progress and productivity within the program

The Partner Scorecard tracks annual bookings, pipeline, and Cloudera University certification data to facilitate goal-oriented discussions between partners and the team here at Cloudera.

Reason #2: Full deal management lifecycle 

Partners can view any new deals they register with Cloudera. Remember that deal registration is key to maintaining and upgrading your partner status. It also helps you earn funds under our new market development fund program (see more below). Partners can also update opportunity information of registered deals throughout the sales cycle. 

Reason #3: Access to continuous learning and enablement 

The Enable section of the partner portal provides easy-to-navigate learning paths and online resources so partners can quickly build the skills they need to win business and drive customer success. At Cloudera, we take partner enablement seriously. Our partners have access to a lot of the same content that we provide to Cloudera field personnel. 

In addition, our partner portal provides partners with continuous learning. We’re always adding new knowledge through our biweekly Showcase webinars, just for partners. We encourage partners to attend live, but we always post recordings for those who can’t make the live sessions. 

Reason #4: Continuous access to a growing list of benefits

With the launch of the enhanced Cloudera Connect Partner Program, we are adding additional benefits to the Partner Portal including:

  • Market development funds (MDF): You can now access the Cloudera Connect MDF Guide and request form in the Promote & Sell tab. By next year, we’ll incorporate a dashboard to track MDF accruals and expenditures, so partners can get the most out of this valuable program.
  • Solution Competency program: A new page provides step-by-step instructions on how to attain a Solution Competency. It also includes a submission form to initiate the process. 
  • New sales and pre-sales resources, including demo tools: We’re constantly releasing new materials to help partners build and sell solutions based on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). 

Every employee of Cloudera Connect partner organizations are entitled to a login to the Cloudera Connect Partner Portal. If you’re a partner, you can register for an account and log in here

If you’re not yet a Cloudera Connect member, visit the Cloudera Connect Partner Program Overview to learn more. 

Debbie D'Souza
Sr. Program Lead, Cloudera Connect
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