2020 Data Impact Award Winner Spotlight: Globe Telecom

It’s been a few weeks since we celebrated the 2020 Data Impact Awards, and everyone at Cloudera is still on a high. It was a brilliant event, and we are so pleased we were able to celebrate our fantastic customers virtually. Thank you again to all those who tuned in! 

The Connect the Data Lifecycle award was our fifth award at this year’s ceremony. It celebrates the organizations that are developing transformative, business rich, use cases by connecting multiple parts of the data lifecycle. It also honors those organizations that are empowering themselves to make the most advantageous decisions, in real-time. Entrants in this award category are so important to recognize because of how they tie every piece of their data strategy together. And in so doing, enrich the organization and secure, report, serve and predict on all the data they have access to. 

The judges agreed Globe Telecom perfectly embodied what it means to have a truly connected data lifecycle, and it was crowned this year’s winners. Let’s explore how they became this year’s standout entrant.

Globe Telecom — The Connect the Data Lifecycle award winner

Globe Telecom is one of the biggest providers of telecommunications services in the Philippines. It has over 8,000 employees, 1.2 million partners, and distributors nationwide, and reaches a growing mobile subscriber base of about 94.2 million people. The sheer size of Globe Telecom’s operations, and its mission to transform the lives of people, business, and communities through innovative solutions, sees it processing immense volumes of data daily. This is why Globe Telecom established the Enterprise Data Office (EDO). As the center of excellence for data analytics, the EDO leads Globe Telecom’s data revolution. It changes the way the company makes decisions through data insights and helps to increase the value Globe Telecom is able to deliver to its customers.

The traditional data warehouse infrastructure previously used by Globe Telecom was extremely costly and wasn’t able to accommodate the speed and scale at which data was flowing through its network. As its customer base continues to expand, the company realized that in order to deliver the standard of service it wanted to, it would need to continue evolving. Globe Telecom therefore set itself a goal to utilize its data to optimize investments, effectively bundle product offerings, and deliver contextual campaigns. To do this, the company knew it needed to put the right technology in place. 

Tailoring product offerings with data

The Enterprise Data Office set about creating a new analytical environment, built on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) in the public cloud. CDP enables Globe Telecom to ingest massive volumes of data in real-time. Moreover, it helps the EDO manage the data, interpret analytics across departments, and puts those insights into action with customer segmentation. As a result, the company can better tailor how its customers discover, buy, and use its services. A key example of this in action is its Airtime Loans department. This department enables prepaid subscribers to borrow credits for available service promotions such as data usage, messaging, and making calls. It’s an important area of the business to expand, as it enables Globe Telecom to provide its services to subscribers in need. With predictive models enabled by Cloudera, the EDO has managed to continuously enhance the Airtime Loans department’s efforts, providing a list of prepaid subscribers who are most likely to make use of a loan. Globe Telecom then uses the near real-time insights from the data to engage customers with suitable loan offers. Enabled by Cloudera Streams Messaging powered by Apache Kafka, the platform facilitates a streaming process for loan collection that averages in less than a second, which has significantly increased the collection rate and thus improved cash flow and funding of new loans. 

Since implementing CDP, the company has grown its creditworthy customer base by 51% and has seen its Airtime Loans business revenue triple in the first year, followed by another approximately 120% increase in the first half of 2020. Cloudera’s capabilities manage the data so that Globe Telecom can be dedicated to the core of its purpose: to raise customer experience standards and help them live mobile lifestyles.

I think you’ll agree, Globe Telecom is an incredibly worthy winner. The sheer volume of data organizations have access to today makes managing its journey from the edge all the way to the cloud complex, however as Globe Telecom demonstrated, there are immense rewards if done right. 

We already can’t wait for next year’s Data Impact Awards, and would love for you to enter! In the 2021 batch of entrants, we want to see organizations that have moved beyond the traditional data lifecycle and understand the value of data and immediacy of insights. We want to see how they have harnessed these insights, and through technology, been able to proactively predict their business’ next move, at any given moment. Good luck to all those who enter! 

To learn more about Globe Telecom’s work with Cloudera visit: https://www.cloudera.com/about/customers/globe-telecom.html. Alternatively, if you want to find out more about the Data Impact Awards, our judging panel, and winners please visit: https://www.cloudera.com/about/customers/data-impact-awards.html 

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