Recognizing Organizations Leading the Way in Data Security & Governance

Recognizing Organizations Leading the Way in Data Security & Governance

The importance of including centralized data management, security, and governance into data projects from the start

The right set of tools helps businesses utilize data to drive insights and value. But balancing a strong layer of security and governance with easy access to data for all users is no easy task.

Retrofitting existing solutions to ever-changing policy and security demands is one option. Another option — a more rewarding one — is to include centralized data management, security, and governance into data projects from the start.

Cloudera recently recognized organizations that have mastered this balance, ensuring consistent data lineage and control without impacting the ability of the business to drive value and insight from the data, at its annual Data Impact Awards. Judges were looking at how organizations tackled modeling & reduced business risk, prevented fraud, met regulatory compliance, established fully governed data marketplaces, and more. 

This year, after careful consideration, two organizations stood out as leaders in data security and governance policies: Bank of the West and Telkomsel. 

…and congratulations to the winner: Bank of the West

Bank of the West: Accelerating innovation

Bank of the West, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, is a financial institution with headquarters in San Francisco and over 500 branches across the U.S. Founded in 1874, the bank was one of the pioneers in digital transformation a decade ago and is continuing on this journey today. 

Understanding that the future of banking is data-driven and cloud-based, Bank of the West embraced cloud computing and its benefits, like remote capabilities, integrated processes, and flexible systems.

In the past year, the Bank of the West has begun using the Cloudera platform to establish a data governance and security framework to manage and protect its customers’ sensitive information. The platform is centralizing the data, data management & governance, and building custom controls for data ingestion into the system. It also supports advanced analytics and real-time streaming.   

Using the platform, the bank has improved regulatory compliance and fraud detection. It is also taking advantage of various integration capabilities (such as support for mobile apps for customers) and reducing operational costs (by automating reporting and customer call center analysis). 

Now, the Bank of the West can experiment and scale faster. This means quicker innovation and better data-driven decisions to improve customer experience and automate reporting and cash flow management.

Telkomsel: Improved decision-making

Telkomsel (PT Telekomunikasi Selular) is the largest wireless network provider in Indonesia, serving more than 164 million customers and supporting more than ten billion customer activities each day. A first in launching 4G LTE and commercial 5G services in the country, the company recognized that in order to best serve its customers and tackle all of the data in the digital era, it had to transform into a digital business.

Telkomsel built a single digital platform to drive data-driven decision making, fundamentally improve customer experience, and identify new business models. 

The company’s improved insights and business successes take root in complex data from many sources. The data includes thousands of data points for each customer, which can be used to map an entire user journey and suggest improvements upon each step. Telkomsel also uses sales and transactions statistics to understand the market trends and popularity of their many services. 

Such complex data calls for an advanced architecture, provided by Cloudera, that supports data & metadata management, analysis, security, and governance, and automates data pipelines & quality checks. The platform secures customers’ personal information using vaultless tokenization and detects problems with data within the pipeline, ensuring optimized quality management.

The company estimates that these data management improvements have lowered the number of operational incidents by 70%, reduced operational costs by 30%, and greatly improved their customers’ satisfaction.

Winner of the Data Impact Awards 2021: Security & Governance Leadership

Join us in congratulating Bank of the West for centralizing management, security, and governance of its data and metadata policies, supporting advanced analytics, innovation, and increasing access and data-driven decision making across the organization.

You can become a data hero too

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