Meet Sudhir Menon, Ram Venkatesh and Paul Codding  – Champions of the Cloudera Hybrid Data Cloud

Meet Sudhir Menon, Ram Venkatesh and Paul Codding – Champions of the Cloudera Hybrid Data Cloud

In June, we announced the beginning of a new chapter for Cloudera, with a mission to make data and analytics easy and accessible, for everyone. With transformation comes change, and today I’m thrilled to announce the promotion of Sudhir “Suds” Menon, Ram Venkatesh and Paul Codding, three leaders driving our mission forward.

The foundation of our mission is a move to a hybrid data cloud platform, an evolution of our Cloudera Data Platform, a hybrid and multi-cloud solution purpose-built with the power and flexibility to address the complete data lifecycle. 

As customers, many of you face a common set of challenges. You have moved data to the cloud to increase agility, but you can’t move all of it to the public cloud because of security concerns and cost. Many of you have told me that you simply have too much data gravity and that your security and governance standards just aren’t suited to the cloud. In fact, many of you are taking some of the data you previously moved to the cloud back on premises for the same reason. However, giving up the cloud entirely is unthinkable.

So hybrid is here to stay, and enabling you to access, manage and analyze all your data across this entire infrastructure is what CDP Hybrid is all about. It’s about providing you with a unified, flexible and secure platform for fast data analytics that run anywhere. It’s about being able to build your data apps once and run them anywhere on a single platform. And it’s about a seamless data lifecycle experience based on a common management, security and governance framework for every cloud.

Achieving our goals requires relying on proven industry veterans

Sudhir and Ram are leaders who have both served as CEOs of companies. Sudhir, Ram and Paul are all experienced executives accustomed to managing large teams and successfully bringing complex products and services to market. They also understand what it means to stay close to their customers to develop the solutions the market needs.

Sudhir Menon will lead our Engineering and Support teams as our new Chief Product Officer. He has been with Cloudera since early 2020, serving as VP of Engineering – Platforms and then as Corporate VP Hybrid Cloud. Prior to Cloudera, he was the Founder and President of SnappyData, which provided an Apache Spark-based in-memory analytics platform and was acquired by TIBCO Software Inc. Before SnappyData, he held management positions at Pivotal Inc., VMware and Gemstone Systems.

Ram Venkatesh will move into the newly created Chief Technology Officer role, guiding our technology strategy and vision for the future. Ram has been with Cloudera nearly three years post-merger with Hortonworks and at Hortonworks for the five years prior. He served as VP of Engineering and then Corporate VP leading the team that delivered Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). Before Hortonworks, Ram was co-founder and CEO of S3Edge, building turnkey RFID solutions for multiple verticals. Ram has more than two decades of database industry experience including technical roles at Microsoft and Gemstone Systems.

Paul Codding will step into the new role of Executive Vice-President of Product Management, leading our Product Management teams. Paul has been with Cloudera for a year, coming to us from AWS. Prior to AWS, he spent almost seven years at Hortonworks in product management roles. He brings 10 years of experience in the big data and data analytics industry, with a strong background in cloud computing, infrastructure software, data, and security.


Sudhir, Ram, and Paul will continue to play pivotal roles in ensuring that our solutions meet your evolving needs. In fact, you can hear from Sudhir and Ram first-hand at the next ClouderaNOW on October 14, 2021 where they’ll share our vision for Cloudera Data Platform, “The Power of AND.” Tune in to find out more about how CDP gives you the power of choice without limitations and the tools that enable you to make smart, data-driven decisions quickly and easily. This will be a very engaging conversation and I hope you will attend.

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