IBM Technology Chooses Cloudera as its Preferred Partner for Addressing Real Time Data Movement Using Kafka

IBM Technology Chooses Cloudera as its Preferred Partner for Addressing Real Time Data Movement Using Kafka

Organizations increasingly rely on streaming data sources not only to bring data into the enterprise but also to perform streaming analytics that accelerate the process of being able to get value from the data early in its lifecycle. As lakehouse architectures (including offerings from Cloudera and IBM) become the norm for data processing and building AI applications, a robust streaming service becomes a critical building block for modern data architectures.           

 Apache Kafka has evolved into the most widely-used streaming platform, capable of ingesting and processing trillions of records per day without any perceptible performance lag as volumes scale. It is frequently used with several other Apache technologies as part of a larger streams processing platform, event driven architecture or a modern data lakehouse.           

Cloudera Data Platform not only provides a trusted, enterprise-grade Apache Kafka distribution including unique tools for monitoring and operations, but also a complete streaming data platform including Apache Flink for stream processing and Apache NiFi for data movement, accelerating time to value for customers and enabling stream processing at scale.          

Based on a partnership designed to bring IBM’s advanced data and AI solutions to more organizations across the expansive Apache Open Source Database ecosystem, IBM Technology is partnering with Cloudera as our preferred partner for addressing real time data movement built on Cloudera’s Data Flow leveraging Kafka. This will help new and existing customers to leverage the power of both solutions and provide significant benefits across three areas:

  1. Increase developer agility to build data pipelines faster 
  2. Accelerate public cloud data migration with the best TCO 
  3. Deliver trusted data across hybrid environments with auto generated rules

“Trusted data is the backbone of all AI applications and Cloudera offers streaming solutions with comprehensive security and governance capabilities that already drive mission critical applications for our joint customers today. We expect this partnership to help accelerate workload migration to public cloud, drive new customer adoption, and deliver cutting edge AI solutions to our joint customers”

— Abhas Ricky, Chief Strategy Officer, Cloudera

A history of collaboration

The IBM and Cloudera strategic partnership builds on a longstanding relationship creating solutions for enterprise data cloud businesses.

IBM and Cloudera’s common goal is to accelerate data-driven decision making for enterprise customers, working on defining and executing the best solution for each customer. These solutions include on-premises and public cloud offerings with the data management, security and governance needed to build an enterprise data and analytic big data solution.

You can now elevate your data potential and activate AI’s capabilities through the synergic integration between IBM watsonx and Cloudera. Together, IBM and Cloudera help you unlock data potentials ensuring that your data-driven transformation is not just comprehensive but orchestrated for tomorrow’s business needs.Learn more about how you can benefit from a well-supported data management platform and ecosystem of products, services and support by visiting the IBM and Cloudera partnership page.

Abhas Ricky
Chief Strategy Officer
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