Empowering Digital Innovation Through Data and the Public Cloud Together with Amazon Web Services

Empowering Digital Innovation Through Data and the Public Cloud Together with Amazon Web Services

At Cloudera, supporting our customers through their complete data journey also means providing access to game-changing technologies with trusted partners like Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As data continues to grow at an exponential rate, our customers are increasingly looking to advance and scale operations through digital transformation and the cloud.  These modern digital businesses are also dealing with unprecedented rates of data volume, which is exploding from terabytes to petabytes and even exabytes which could prove difficult to manage. At Cloudera, supporting our customers through their complete data journey also means providing access to game-changing technologies with trusted partners like Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Cloudera and AWS: Harnessing the Power of Data and Cloud  

Managing this absolute acceleration and accumulation of data requires new ways to secure and extract value which may be uncharted waters for many organisations. It’s about helping them find a more cost-effective way to get the right data to the right people that will enable more informed decisions. 

Achieving this also relies on the ability to break down data silos while also boosting security and scalability.

At the heart of our multi-year, strategic partnership with AWS is enabling businesses to harness the power of both data and cloud. We have a joint vision to support acceleration, cost optimisation, and optimal experiences for cloud adoption to businesses across every industry. 

We are bringing this to life through the deep product integration of our Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) on AWS, with field collaboration and AWS Marketplace availability, with credits for evaluation and migration. From here we have executed the deep technology integration of CDP across 18 AWS services to optimise speed, security, flexibility, and cost, including an array of EC2 instances tailored to workload cost and performance requirements. This extends our CDP performance advantage, provides fine-grained security in S3 Storage, and adaptive autoscaling with Elastic Kubernetes Service to deliver more savings.

Our customers are telling us they value an end-to-end platform that can take them from edge to artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly. We are delivering this by making it easy for customers to get started, use integrations, manage billing, expand their businesses and advance their digital disruption journey. We are proud to solve problems within organisations and deliver platforms that support present and future goals.

CDP Hybrid Cloud can help our customers run on both AWS and Private cloud to provide the ultimate flexibility for data-in-motion and data-at-rest anywhere, without compromising performance, scalability, or security.  Key advantages to leveraging a hybrid approach include include: 

  • Access to the same analytics and machine learning services in private cloud and AWS, enabling the movement of workloads and applications without refactoring
  • A modern, cloud-native data architecture with separation of compute and storage, containerized data services (for agility and elasticity), and object storage (for scale and cost-efficiency)
  • Security and governance framework (SDX) across all environments to ensure compliance

 The Journey to the Public Cloud in Four Steps 

Customer conversations tell us that migrating to the public cloud can be daunting, which is why we have listed how AWS and Cloudera can help.


Common Use Cases for Cloud and Data Solutions 

So, what are the common user cases we are seeing for enterprise data clouds? Customer use cases can be grouped into three categories.    

  1. Protect: security needs including risk management, fraud detection and cybersecurity initiatives through risk modelling and analysis, regulatory compliance, and financial crime prevention.  
  2. Connect: connecting multiple data sources to deliver a more complete understanding of a business and its customer and partner relationships. For logistics and supply chain, this may include managing predictive maintenance, connected vehicles and fleet management. User cases within healthcare and industrial IoT management are also rising as organisations seek greater understanding of customers by drawing on multiple data sources to support marketing personalisation to reduce churn. 
  3. Grow: flexibility and control allowing customers to manage costs and auto-scale and suspend or resume execution. We are also seeing productivity increase, lower total cost of ownership and higher ROI. Customers are optimising workloads, leveraging analytics and machine learning to ensure greater governance and compliance.  

The Power of Two

For an Australian financial technology firm, having a single pane of glass view across all their data is critical to support their fraud detection programme, mitigating risk for themselves and their customers.  Existing in-house tools were inadequate in managing their data workloads considering the increasing scale of data clusters and demand. The company harnessed the CDP Public Cloud platform on AWS to process large volumes of data in real-time and deliver analytical insights on transactions for reporting. This in turn enabled the customer to detect issues and irregularities, proactively avoiding fraudulent transactions.

Looking Forward

Cloud adoption is a journey, and no two customers face the same problems.  We have found that customers are increasingly looking for a trusted advisor that can help them strategise and plan their unique journey as well as navigate the nuts and bolts of the execution process. In partnership with AWS, we are excited to support  customers as they navigate their cloud and data journey to ensure they can accelerate with confidence. If you are interested in finding out about our 48 hour guided tour, we would love to talk.

To learn more about how to turn your data strategies into action with our partners and us, visit our Partner page at https://www.cloudera.com/partners.html 

About the author: 

Stevie Walsh is Cloud Director – Asia Pacific and Japan at Cloudera. She joined the business in April 2021 and is passionate about helping customers explore positive outcomes from cloud services and leveraging the power of the cloud. Over the past decade Stevie has worked with a ranging scale of companies including multi-nationals across industry sectors to support their adoption of cloud solutions through a clearly defined data strategy aligned with business objectives.

Stevie Walsh
Cloud Director, Cloudera APAC
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