DELL/EMC taking the next step with PowerScale and ECS  certification on CDP Private Cloud Base

DELL/EMC taking the next step with PowerScale and ECS certification on CDP Private Cloud Base

Cloudera and Dell/EMC are continuing our long and successful partnership of developing shared storage solutions for analytic workloads running in hybrid cloud. 

Customer demand has always been the key driver of roadmap features on our platforms. Since the inception of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), Dell / EMC PowerScale and ECS have been highly requested solutions to be certified by Cloudera. We are excited to announce PowerScale and ECS will be moving forward with Cloudera’s Quality Assurance Test Suite certification process on CDP – Private Cloud (PvC) Base edition. The certification will ensure our customers, who have invested in Isilon/PowerScale, have a path forward with CDP. “Our continued success with Cloudera provides customers with the data they need to maximize the efficiency of their on-premise and hybrid analytic workloads,” said John Shirly, Vice President Unstructured Storage Product Management at Dell EMC. “We are excited this certification will ensure our customers best in class compute and storage solutions for years to come.” 

CDP PvC Base is a version of CDP that supports a variety of solutions where analytics needs to be run on-premises. Dell/EMC through their PowerScale and ECS product portfolio have been long time advocates of hybrid solutions. Together, Dell and Cloudera are committed to bringing world-class hybrid solutions to market.

CDP Private Cloud Base Cluster

PowerScale and ECS as the storage layer for CDP Private Cloud Base

Cloudera’s Quality Assurance Test Suite (QATS) is a series of functional testing that will be performed on the latest versions of CDP PvC Base and Dell / EMC OneFS (PowerScale and ECS.) This certification will allow Dell/EMC and Cloudera to expand the partnership by providing new and existing customers a path to CDP. The validation of both solutions functioning as intended will benefit our joint customers with better support, reduced risk, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). 

*For clarity, the scope of the current certification covers CDP-Private Cloud Base. Certification of CDP-Private Cloud Experiences will be considered in the future.

The certification process is designed to validate Cloudera products on a variety of Cloud, Storage & Compute Platforms. Partner technologies that have been certified via the QATS program are tested and validated to comply with Cloudera’s development guidelines for integration with the Cloudera Data Platform and use the supported APIs. 

Validation includes:

  • Overall architecture
  • Observance of the CDP interface classification system
  • Complete integration testing
  • Compliance with Cloudera support policies and requirements
  • Cluster capability using real-world workloads and micro-benchmarks

PowerScale and ECS are already certified with Cloudera’s legacy platforms (HDP and CDH). To learn more, check out the blog post here

A joint support process is in place that involves triaging any issue that occurs with our solution, regardless of where it is discovered and directing issues to the appropriate teams, either in Cloudera or Dell/EMC. CDH 5.x and HDP 2.x are reaching End Of Life (EOL) soon.  This certification provides a fasttrack for legacy customers to CDP, while maintaining their investment in PowerScale/ECS. 

For existing CDH and HDP customers the below tables highlight the capabilities of the new CDP PvC Base platform:

New features for CDH customers

Ranger 2.0
  • Dynamic row filtering & column masking
  • Attribute-based access control and SparkSQL fine-grained access control
  • Sentry to Ranger migration tools
Atlas 2.0
  • Lineage and chain of custody, advanced data discovery and business glossary
  • Navigator to atlas migration, Improved performance and scalability
  • Support Kafka connectivity to HDFS, AWS S3 and Kafka Streams
  • Cluster management and replication support for Kafka clusters
  • Store and access schemas across clusters and rebalance clusters with Cruise Control
Hive 3
  • Hive-on-Tez for better ETL performance
  • ACID transactions, ANSI 2016 SQL SupportMajor Performance improvements
  • Query Result Cache
  • Materialized Views
  • Improved CBO, Vectorization coverage
  • Gateway-based SSO with Knox
  • Support for RangerKMS-KeyTrustee Integration

New features for HDP customers

Cloudera Manager
  • Virtual private clusters
  • Automated wire encryption setup
  • Fine-grained RBAC for administrators
  • Streamlined maintenance workflows
Solr 8.4
  • Relevance-based text search over unstructured data (text, pdf, .jpg, …)
  • Built-in SQL editor with intelligent query auto complete
  • Share query, chart results and download for any database
  • Easily search, glance, import datasets or jobs
  • Better performance for fast changing / updateable data. Reporting with update support through Kudu and Impala
  • Real-time and streaming applications with Kudu + Spark
  • Time series analytics, event analytics and real time data warehouse best Querying Experience with the most intelligent autocompletes
  • Auto-TLS feature automates all the steps required to enable TLS encryption
  • Ranger KMS integration with Key Trustee Server to provide additional key provider storage
  •  Encryption at rest with NavEncrypt
  • Better fit for Data Mart migration use cases (interactive, BI style queries)
  • Ability to query high volumes of data (“big data”) in large clusters
  • Distributed queries in a cluster environment, for convenient scaling 
  • Integration with Kudu for fast data and ranger for policies
  • Single system for big data processing and analytics, so customers can avoid costly modeling and ETL just for analytics.

 To learn more about this certification effort click here, and reach out to your Cloudera representative. 

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