Data Impact Award Spotlight and Update on 2020’s Industry Transformation Winner: Telkomsel

Data Impact Award Spotlight and Update on 2020’s Industry Transformation Winner: Telkomsel

With submissions for the Data Impact Awards coming in, we’re revisiting last year’s winners to find out what set them apart. 

In 2020, Telkomsel took home the gold in the Industry Transformation category. 

The company stood out to the judges for taking its business to the next level by disrupting the telecommunication’s industry through the application of new technologies, skills, and operational processes.

So, what was it about Telkomsel’s head-on approach to digital transformation that caught the judges’ attention? And how has the story progressed a year on? Let’s explore…

Telkomsel – 2020’s Industry Transformation award winner 

Telkomsel is a subsidiary of Telekomunikasi Indonesia and Singapore Telecom Mobile. In 2020, the company served more than 158 million subscribers and was supporting ten billion customer activities each day.

The organization was locked into a legacy data warehouse with high operational costs and inability to perform exploratory analytics. With more than 25TB of data ingested from over 200 different sources, Telkomsel recognized that to best serve its customers it had to get to grips with its data. 

Its initial step in the pursuit of a digital-first strategy saw it turn to Cloudera for a more agile and cost-effective data storage infrastructure. It’s end goal, to build a single digital platform to power data-driven decision-making. 

The introduction of the Cloudera data platform made advanced customer analytics possible. Telkomsel could better predict customer purchases and churn, personalize through recommendation engines, and provide near real-time customer care support. 

The transformation boosted campaign take-up rates, increasing revenue by up to 400% and growing digital services revenues by 29%. 

Alongside providing better customer experience there were operational improvements too. The organization saw an increase in storage efficiency, resulting in an 80% cost reduction when compared to previous technology stacks.

The company was also able to identify new business models, opening it up to strategic partnerships. 

A telco undergoing digital transformation

In 2020, Telkomsel saw revenue increase by 100% and a traction growth of 300% compared to the previous year.

Building on its digital foundations, Telkomsel is now producing and implementing more advanced analytics models to help the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns. In addition, following the introduction of a recommendation engine built on top of the Cloudera platform, the telecommunications company is scaling up to serve more customers; from twenty million subscribers to its entire subscriber base of more than 164 million. 

It has also integrated a customer experience (CX) rating into campaign operations along with marketing analytics. Now, Telkomsel can offer compensation to customers – through product offerings – for any degradation of network service. And its business units, especially marketing, are seeing the benefits of automation in their campaign operations and there are other plans in the pipeline. 

For example, utilizing the Cloudera platform for quality control purposes, such as near real-time customer experience measurement. And leveraging the 360-degree customer view built on the platform by applying it to all the digital applications under the Telkomsel umbrella.

Cloudera has also paved the way for new business opportunities in the B2B space, such as IoT use cases in logistic services and the transportation industry. Some use cases are already in production and generating revenue.

Since winning the award, Telkomsel continues to improve business processes using big data technology – the win galvanizing the IT team to keep innovating. More recently, the company has been working on several projects, some of which we may be finding out more about at the 2021 DIA Awards.

The journey to build Telkomsel’s big data platform has been described as a unique experience by its team, one that has meant learning about new approaches, techniques and technology. We look forward to seeing where the organization goes next on its quest to build one of the largest big data platforms in Indonesia. 

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