Connecting the Data Lifecycle

Connecting the Data Lifecycle

Use cases from organizations that work with multiple parts of the data lifecycle to collect, enrich, report, serve, and predict

Data transforms businesses. When done right it creates value and allows business leaders to make the most advantageous decisions, in real-time. That’s where the data lifecycle comes into play. Managing data and its flow, from the edge to the cloud, is one of the most important tasks in the process of gaining data intelligence. 

The Data Impact Awards 2021 aim to recognize and reward the various organizations taking advantage of the latest Big Data services to successfully manage large amounts of data and thus improve their own organizations and the world.  

The category Data Lifecycle Connection highlights organizations that work with multiple parts of the data lifecycle to collect, enrich, report, serve, and predict. 

In 2021, the finalists under this category include the following organizations from around the world.

…and congratulations to the winner: Carrefour Spain


Carrefour is a multinational retail corporation operating a chain of hypermarkets, grocery shops, and convenience stores. Carrefour Spain, a branch of the larger company (with 1,250 stores), processes over 3 million transactions every day, giving rise to challenges like creating and managing a data lake and honing down key demographic information. 

Working with Cloudera, Carrefour Spain was able to create a unified data lake for ease of data handling. The company also used the Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW) to test models and machine learning processes to create a streamlined method to collect demographic data. 

These efforts made it easier for the company to cater to user needs by providing specific product recommendations.


eMAG, a Romania-based retailer seen as a pioneer in e-commerce, was struggling to manage the tremendously large amount of data coming in every second. The company needed a modern data architecture to manage the growing traffic effectively. 

To navigate this, the firm created a central data repository using the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud Base. It only took 48 hours to complete the whole migration, and now the company is able to offer better, faster customer service, and 80% of the data scientists’ time is no longer spent building data sets so they can focus on what they do best — getting results.


Max It, an Israel-based payment and credit solutions provider with 2 million-plus active users, saw a 40% reduction in infrastructure costs by working with Cloudera to monitor user transactions and prevent fraud in real-time. 

The firm also worked on creating a solid pipeline from the data warehouse to the data lake. Now the team’s data scientists can better analyze data with dashboard access.

Additionally, the company now has richer client profiles with up to 5,000 features per profile to create a comprehensive database. They are reducing financial fraud in Israel by identifying and pinpointing the reason for declined and suspicious transactions in real-time.


Tigo Guatemala is a mobile phone service provider owned by Millicom. The company processes 2 billion records per hour, accumulating increasing amounts of data. This creates long delays in data processing, which halts efficient functioning. 

To combat this, Tigo Guatemala adopted the Cloudera platform to analyze pain point data sources. The company’s secure operational database stores 6 million users and it can now process 38,000 million records in one day and identify different data types. Previously, all data sources were processed in batches with a delay of over six hours. 

Now, the company understands how each user is consuming data, while users can see their internet data plans’ usage in real-time and have unlimited access to social networks. This has also improved analytics for ad hoc business report queries. As a result, the project has delivered one of the most successful sales strategies in Guatemala’s telecommunications industry.

Winner of the Data Impact Awards 2021: Data Lifecycle Connection

Join us in congratulating Carrefour Spain for enhancing customer experiences by connecting multiple parts of the data lifecycle to collect, enrich, report, serve, and predict.

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