Coffee With Cloudera Partners: AWS

Coffee With Cloudera Partners: AWS

Enterprises are adopting a hybrid cloud approach. While more Cloudera customers want to move apps and data to the cloud, they also want to continue using their data centers for security and governance. By having both on-premises and cloud environments, organizations increase their agility, and hybrid model is gaining momentum.  A hybrid approach benefits many organizations as it allows them to make best use of on-premises infrastructure while taking advantage of additional compute capacity and leveraging additional services. Customers are achieving the hybrid strategy with Cloudera & AWS. 

Meet Sean Blakey, Partner Development Manager at AWS. Sean manages partnerships with some of AWS’ top strategic data and analytics partners, including Cloudera. In his role working with Cloudera, he is responsible for the global strategy and execution to meet customer needs and grow joint market share and revenue.

Since this is “Coffee with Cloudera”, what’s your favorite coffee drink or “pick me up” in the morning? 

I love all types of coffee, but my favorite morning “pick me up” is a 4-shot Cappuccino to get the day started with a bang. 

Tell us about yourself. What do you like to do in your free time? 

I have worked in the telecommunications, data, and analytics space for many years, holding roles in product management, marketing, sales, and business development. I also spent about seven years on Wall Street advising institutional investors on finance and technology. I love to build new businesses from scratch or within larger companies where I’ve developed and executed strategies for growth. 

In my free time, I love to be outdoors, hiking, biking, and occasionally surfing. 

How does the AWS’ mission align with Cloudera’s?

I see a large joint opportunity to help customers modernize their data management, gain agility, and ease of use so they can focus on extracting even more business value. Even with AWS’ dominant public cloud market share, we see public cloud adoption still in its infancy. Together with Cloudera, we not only drive business transformation and migration growth opportunities but also jointly address new cloud-native customer opportunities. 

What synergies do you see AWS and Cloudera bringing to the relationship? How do the services and products of our two organizations complement one another? 

CDP was initially developed and launched on AWS. CDP leverages nearly twenty AWS services to offer customers a high-performing, feature-rich path to modernize workloads across on-prem and AWS environments. I see a bright future around potential product synergies targeting a multi-tenant infrastructure and additional integrations around analytics, ML, and AI.

AWS is increasingly taking an ecosystem approach to solve bigger and more difficult customer issues. Together with Cloudera, I see a large potential to work with key System Integrators and other technology ISVs to offer highly scalable and differentiated solutions to the market.  

What new opportunities become possible with the combined forces? 

  • Modernizing customers to CDP on AWS to drive expansion and adoption of new services.
  • Targeting new customers with cloud-native solutions, offered uniquely by Cloudera and AWS.
  • New infrastructure capabilities through multi-tenancy and key AWS service integrations.
  • Leveraging the expertise of the ecosystem for the customer with AWS, Cloudera and System Integrators

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