Cloudera’s QATS Certification for Dell PowerScale Unleashes a New Era of Data Management

Cloudera’s QATS Certification for Dell PowerScale Unleashes a New Era of Data Management

With its rise in popularity generative AI has emerged as a top CEO priority, and the importance of performant, seamless, and secure data management and analytics solutions to power those AI applications is essential. Cloudera Private Cloud Data Services is a comprehensive platform that empowers organizations to deliver trusted enterprise data at scale in order to deliver fast, actionable insights and trusted AI. It offers a fully featured open data lakehouse with services including data warehousing, machine learning, and data engineering, in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With the flexibility to harness the power of all your data, wherever it may be stored, Cloudera’s data services allow businesses to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. 

Cloudera and Dell are excited to announce a new milestone in our journey: the Quality Assurance Test Suite (QATS) certification for Dell PowerScale to work seamlessly with Cloudera Data Services.

Architecture overview

The significance of Cloudera Private Cloud Data Services

Cloudera provides an integrated data platform that has become synonymous with immense open data lakehouse scalability and interoperability. With the recent release of Apache Iceberg, an engine-agnostic table format, businesses can deploy a single copy of data that caters to multiple use cases, realizing the elimination of data silos, simplified ETL pipelines, and reduced storage cost.  This means you can expect simpler data management and drastically improved productivity for your business users. Cloudera brings cloud-native agility and innovation in the data analytics domain and offers a wide array of data services, including data warehousing, data engineering, and machine learning/AI for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. These unmatched data services  provide the foundation for organizations to not only manage their data efficiently but also derive valuable insights from it.

The power of Dell PowerScale

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management and analytics, businesses are constantly seeking solutions that offer scalability, performance, and ease of integration. Dell has been delivering PowerScale, the world’s most flexible (1), efficient (2), and secure (3) scale-out NAS solution that empowers you to easily store, protect, and manage your file data anywhere. Our partner ecosystem of 250+ application integrations and in-house vertical expertise ensure that you can power your workloads no matter which industry you are in. And now with the help of Cloudera, we’ve added the latest most comprehensive data platform, Cloudera Private Cloud Data Services, to the list. Limitless scale and extreme performance, delivered, 

The significance of QATS certification

Certifications in the tech world are like badges of honor. They signify that a product has undergone rigorous testing and meets specific quality and compatibility standards. QATS, in particular, is known for its stringent testing procedures, making their certification highly respected.

As articulated by Martin Glynn, Sr Director Product Management,

“The QATS certification for our PowerScale and ECS products is another example of how Dell and Cloudera have partnered to bring best-in-class data management solutions to our joint customers. With PowerScale and ECS, customers can build a modern, scalable hybrid data platform on-premises, bringing many of the benefits of the public cloud to their data center.”

Dell PowerScale and ECS products have been certified by Cloudera from the inception of Cloudera’s QATS certification program. When Dell PowerScale received the QATS certification for Cloudera Private Cloud Data Services, it was a significant milestone. This certification validates that PowerScale seamlessly integrates with the entire Cloudera platform stack, allowing businesses to streamline their data management, analytics, and ML/AI workflows without any compatibility hiccups.

In the words of Cloudera’s Chief Product Officer, Dipto Chakravarty,

“Cloudera Private Cloud Data Services is the industry’s only Kubernetes-based private cloud platform that enables the full analytics life cycle for our customers, and stands ready for hybrid cloud. Now it also includes Dell PowerScale as a native object store for Cloudera’s platform. With the completion of QATS certification of PowerScale, customers can experience all the benefits of separating compute and storage, independent workload scaling, workload isolation, and the ability to seamlessly run hybrid cloud workloads without code changes.”

The power of the Dell and Cloudera partnership

Dell and Cloudera have been delivering solutions together for more than 10 years. The integration of Dell PowerScale with Cloudera Private Cloud Data Services brings several advantages to the table:

Simplified Data Management: PowerScale’s compatibility with Cloudera Private Cloud Data Services means that data can be seamlessly ingested, stored, and analyzed within the same ecosystem. This eliminates the need for complex data transfers and reduces the risk of data silos.

Scalability: Both PowerScale and Cloudera Private Cloud Data Services are designed to scale horizontally, which means you can expand your infrastructure as your data grows. This scalability ensures that your data management and analytics capabilities can keep pace with your evolving business needs.

Performance: Dell PowerScale’s high-performance capabilities are complemented by Cloudera Private Cloud Data Services’ robust analytics and ML/AI tools. Together, they enable organizations to process and analyze large datasets quickly, resulting in faster insights and improved decision-making.

Data Security: Security is a paramount concern when dealing with sensitive data. The combination of PowerScale and Cloudera Private Cloud Data Services provides robust data protection mechanisms, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Cost-Efficiency: By streamlining data management and analytics workflows, this integration can yield cost savings by optimizing your resources and allocating them more efficiently.

In conclusion

The QATS certification of Dell PowerScale for compatibility with Cloudera Private Cloud Data Services is a testament to the commitment of Dell Technologies and Cloudera to providing seamless solutions for data-driven organizations. This certification not only ensures compatibility but also signifies the potential for improved efficiency, scalability, and performance in data management and analytics.

If your organization is looking to harness the power of data and make data-driven decisions with confidence, the combination of Dell PowerScale and Cloudera Private Cloud Data Services is worth exploring. It’s a partnership that brings together the best of both worlds, and the QATS certification is the seal of approval that you can trust for a successful data journey.

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  2. Based on Dell analysis comparing efficiency-related features: data reduction, storage capacity, data protection, hardware, space, lifecycle management efficiency, and ENERGY STAR certified configurations, June 2023.
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