#Clouderalife Volunteer Spotlight: Thatiane Freire, Account Executive, Public Sector

#Clouderalife Volunteer Spotlight: Thatiane Freire, Account Executive, Public Sector

Cloudera’s August Volunteer Spotlight is Thatiane Freire, account executive for the public sector, located in Brasília, Brazil, and one of the company’s Cloudera Cares Ambassadors. 

Thatiane volunteers with a local organization called Casa de Caridade Inacio Daniel, which began with the goal to meet the day-to-day, foundational needs of the homeless community in Brasília. The organization provides constituents with food, warm clothes, hygiene supplies, home goods, cleaning supplies, baby outfits, and school supplies. In some cases, they even provide cooking gas, therapy, and medicine to families who would otherwise not have access. 

Thatiane, who first heard about this organization from a friend, has volunteered every Saturday for the last two years. When asked about what her role is as a tenured volunteer, she shared that it really varies based on the needs the organization faces that week. 

“No two weeks are the same. When I am there, I help with whatever they needsometimes I organize supplies in the kitchen, other times I prepare meals, and even on occasion I assist the therapists on site.”

For the organization to run smoothly, and for the needs of the Brasília homeless community to be met, a tremendous amount of logistics is required. However, Thatiane believes there is more than logistics that keeps this critical organization afloat. 

Core to their mission, Casa de Caridade Inacio Daniel puts love, fraternity, solidarity, and charitable ideals into practice all at once. Thatiane says, “They deliver more than 1,000 meals and 3,000 lunch boxes a month; assemble countless kids snack packs and hundreds of hygiene kits per week; most importantly, they offer Brasílians in need with a network of love and support.” 

As she concluded her reflections on her volunteering experience, Thatiane shared that although she strongly believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to make the world a better place, what motivates her personally is the feeling she gets afterward. 

“I become a calmer person and find myself much happier when I can help address the needs of those around me.”

Thatiane was excited to use Cloudera Cares’ newest program, Dollars for Doers, to extend her impact beyond volunteering. Using the Dollars for Doers program, Thatiane can record her volunteer time in our giving and volunteering platform and receive $10 for every hour she spends supporting Casa de Caridade Inacio Daniel to use toward an organization of her choice. 

“Donating time, money, or both only makes us better people,” Thatiane says. “I’m excited to continue my efforts to make my community a better place leveraging our Cloudera Cares programs.” 

Debbie Kruger
Senior Manager, Social Impact
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