#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Bryan Bottinelli, Commercial Account Executive

#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Bryan Bottinelli, Commercial Account Executive

As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we’d like to shine a spotlight on yet another one of Cloudera’s high performing employees who contributes to the culture and community both in and outside of the Cloudera walls. 

Meet Bryan Bottinelli, a 2 year Clouderan and first generation American with roots in Colombia and Chile. 

As a Commercial Account Manager, he spends his work days growing the adoption of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) in the Great Lakes region. Much of his time is dedicated to building awareness around CDP, educating prospective customers and clients on it’s value and closely working hand in hand with Cloudera’s Solutions Engineers – a team he couldn’t be more fond of. As he says they are “a team of superstar tech experts that have done nothing but answer all of my questions, give me helpful advice, and spend a lot of time making sure we are the best team possible.” 

Entering the Sales and Tech Industry

While attending the University of North Carolina, he wasn’t exactly sure what the future would hold for him but he did know that entering the technology space was the direction he wanted to take. “I had no idea I would end up in sales but as I went through school and learned more about the tech space through my computer science classes, I knew that I wanted to be part of the industrial shift we’re living in.” 

It’s a field he’s happy to be in and alongside leadership he’s thankful to learn from. “I work under Jim Fisher and Joe McGowan – phenomenal managers that I’m very happy to report to.”

Getting Involved in the Community

Outside of reaching sales quotas, achieving club and making an impact on the ever changing landscape of big data, Bryan is an active leader within the LatinX Employee Resource Group (ERG). In fact, it’s one of the things he takes pride in the most regarding his work here at Cloudera. 

His involvement in giving back to his heritage doesn’t end there. Bryan does extensive work within the hispanic community volunteering for different organizations such as Latinitas, SHPE Austin, Young Hispanic Professional Association of Austin, LULAC, HITEC, and more. He primarily focuses on volunteering at recruiting and diversity events, assisting with the signing of Power of Attorney forms, putting on legal representation workshops, scholarship fundraisers and awareness events. 

It’s clear he is incredibly dedicated to giving back to his community. When asked why this was so important to him he shared, “Given the fact that my parents put so much on the line to not only come to this country, but succeed and provide me with a great foundation to carry on their momentum, I feel the obligation to give back and help provide others with the same type of opportunities and stability.”

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Knowing how meaningful his heritage is to him, it’s easy to see that celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is something he takes great pride in and enjoys. Bryan says, “Hispanic Heritage Month is important and it means a lot to me as someone who likes to get involved with the community. This time of year is when companies pay most attention to our culture and we’re able to have a lot of fun events.”

Cloudera is full of talented employees who enhance our culture while sharing their own. They’re doing great things both in and out of the office and we’re committed to shining a spotlight on many more. Be sure to read about other Clouderan’s in spotlights to come!   

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