Cloudera Supercharges the Enterprise Data Cloud with NVIDIA

Cloudera Supercharges the Enterprise Data Cloud with NVIDIA

Cloudera Data Platform Powered by NVIDIA RAPIDS Software Aims to Dramatically Increase Performance of the Data Lifecycle Across Public and Private Clouds

Cloudera announced today a new collaboration with NVIDIA that will help Cloudera customers accelerate data engineering, analytics, machine learning and deep learning performance with the power of NVIDIA GPU computing across public and private clouds. This exciting initiative is built on our shared vision to make data-driven decision-making a reality for every business.

In his GTC 2020 keynote, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang revealed that NVIDIA and Cloudera are teaming up to accelerate the Cloudera Data Platform. This integration will include NVIDIA’s data science software such as NVIDIA AI, NVIDIA RAPIDS and NVIDIA RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark 3.0. RAPIDS is a suite of open source software libraries and APIs to run end-to-end data science and analytics pipelines entirely on NVIDIA GPUs. With NVIDIA accelerated computing powering the Cloudera Data Platform, data scientists and business analysts will be able to run their workloads up to 10x faster.

Nvidia & Cloudera

Accelerating Data-Powered Decisions in Today’s Rapidly Changing World

Today, every business is facing a perfect storm of radical change, supercharged by the impact of a global pandemic. Suddenly, everything from face-to-face meetings to buying groceries has gone digital. As a result, businesses are generating more data than ever. There are more digital transactions to track and monitor. Every engagement with coworkers, customers, and partners is virtual.

With this deluge of data flooding every enterprise, what should businesses do? At Cloudera, we believe this onslaught of data offers an opportunity to make better business decisions, faster. The Cloudera Data Platform powered by NVIDIA GPU computing can leverage virtually unlimited quantities and varieties of data to power an order of magnitude faster decision making.

“By teaming up with NVIDIA, we can bring accelerated computing to the entire data lifecycle on any cloud,” said Arun Murthy, Chief Product Officer at Cloudera. “With the integration of NVIDIA software and computing with CDP, we’ll turbocharge the enterprise data cloud to enable our customers to work faster and better.”

The combination of Cloudera’s big data leadership and Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) with NVIDIA RAPIDS and AI gives enterprises using Apache Spark the power to find business insights faster than ever before. Compared to previous CPU-based architectures, CDP 7.1 with Spark 3.0 and NVIDIA RAPIDS and AI offer data engineers a potential 3-10x performance improvement for workloads including ETL and SQL-heavy data analysis.

The same accelerated infrastructure and software can be used to accelerate machine learning pipelines with popular RAPIDS libraries natively integrated and managed in CDP. CDP enables enterprise customers to leverage Apache Spark 3.0 and NVIDIA’s platform to accelerate their production environment without the need for any forklift upgrades.

“From website metrics to customer service records and even on-site sensors, enterprises are accumulating vast amounts of data, and unlocking insight from it is key to business success,” said Manuvir Das, head of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA. “With Cloudera Data Platform Powered by NVIDIA, enterprises will be able to seamlessly accelerate data analytics on critical applications like Spark 3.0 without any code changes. These breakthroughs will enable companies to analyze data in real time to gain the intelligence needed to navigate evolving customer demands.”

To learn more, view the NVIDIA GTC (GPU Technology Conference) session, Accelerating Cloudera Data Platform with NVIDIA RAPIDS.”

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VP, Product Management
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