Cloudera Fast Forward: Quarterly Updates – January 2020

Cloudera Fast Forward is an applied machine learning research and consultancy group at Cloudera. We help enterprises understand and adopt emerging ML technologies, state-of-the-art technical architectures, and ML best practices, empowering organizations to continually evolve and differentiate by leveraging their data. Enabling ethical and responsible ML outcomes for our customers is our highest priority. 

In this quarterly update, we provide a sneak peek at our latest research and upcoming events. If you’d like to receive more frequent updates, please sign up for our newsletter here. (For a sneak peak at the type of content you’ll receive, be sure to check out the articles tagged “newsletter” on our blog!)

Research Updates

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest research report and prototype: “Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection.” Be sure to check out our blogpost on the topic here on the Cloudera blog! 


Our experiments portal hosts an assortment of our machine learning prototypes, as well as demos and code created by our team. We’ve added some new content to the portal, including Squote – a semantic search engine that takes input text and returns relevant famous quotes.

You can also find some of our content out in the wild: Chris Wallace recently updated his Observable notebook, Fuzzy People – and Victor Dibia built Anomagram, an interactive visualization of autoencoders. (For full details on Anomagram, see Victor’s introductory and design posts on Medium; you can find the project source code here.)


Please join us on February 13th at 10:00am PT for a webinar introducing our latest research report – “Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection” – hosted by Victor Dibia and Nisha Muktewar, with guest speaker Meir Toledano from Anadot.

Victor and Nisha will also be speaking on this topic at the Strata Data Conference in San Jose on March 18th.

Learn more about Cloudera’s machine learning platform, and Cloudera Fast Forward’s service offerings by visiting the links below, and follow us on Twitter @fastforwardlabs for announcements about more new content and upcoming events!

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