Cloudera at BioData World Congress 2020 – Use Cases at Top 5 Pharmaceutical Organizations

Cloudera at BioData World Congress 2020 – Use Cases at Top 5 Pharmaceutical Organizations

BioData World Congress 2020 is next week, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet with decision makers and thought leaders working in omics, diagnostics and R&D from across Europe and beyond. Cloudera’s work with BioPharma organizations helps them link clinical and business knowledge with analytics expertise to drive patient-level insights and operational decision making in a dynamic environment.

BioPharma organizations are under immense pressure to develop novel disease treatments while ensuring they are safe, effective, and affordable. Rapidly-changing technologies, and increased clinical study complexities, together with escalating regulatory scrutiny are driving higher development costs, and prolonging treatment delivery.

The exponential growth of new data types and internal and external data sources are propelling BioPharma companies to rethink their approach to data and analytics. Successful organizations must re-examine business, research, and clinical operations—and the technology that supports them—if they are to thrive in a dynamic environment. And, they must quickly, easily, and securely turn data insights into actions that accelerate time to market and shorten time to value on their investments. This is more critical today than ever as organizations from across the healthcare ecosystem battle a global pandemic.

Join Cloudera at BioData World Congress 2020

I’m excited to be presenting at BioData World with Mark Ramsey, PhD, Managing Partner, Ramsey International, about Cloudera’s role in life sciences and use cases at top 5 pharmaceutical organizations on November 11, 2020, at 9:50 am ET. 

If you’re attending this virtual event, you can hear more about IQVIA’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, built on Cloudera technology, that offers clients the ability to deploy data lake environments on-demand. Clients can leverage the environment that IQVIA has built to power their business when they do not have the time or resources for an enterprise-level implementation. IQVIA builds and deploys the environments in days as opposed to weeks or months with all the same privacy, security and governance controls that were implemented to manage IQVIA’s healthcare data business at petabyte scale. IQVIA’s implementation of the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) enables complex machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) on petabytes of data to deliver actionable intelligence back to the point of care.

We will also  discuss how one top pharmaceutical company uses Cloudera for rationalizing clinical trial data into a CDISC (SDTM) model to influence discovery as well as create a single data environment across all of research and development for pre-clinical and clinical data. This organization now has a single, integrated data platform comprising gene, assay and clinical information. 

You can also hear about another top pharmaceutical organization that has a single, integrated data platform for compound, activity results, assay protocols and project information. The bottom line is delivery of a solution for real-world data analytics, genetic browsing and analytics, and for performing data discovery and visualization. 

If you plan to attend, we look forward to speaking with you next week. If you’re interested in registering as a guest, please use this link to sign up. 

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