With Love, Cloudera 2020 Interns

With Love, Cloudera 2020 Interns

Most companies strive to provide a quality internship experience. At Cloudera, we take it to another level offering work with cutting edge and open source technologies, product experimentation, meaningful mentorship and group activities. 

Yes, we aim to give our early talent teams insight into the real world of work as it relates to their engineering careers, but we also want to give them an experience that can’t be beat. Our goal is for interns to reach the end of the program with a competitive edge in the workforce along with a fun experience they’ll never forget. 

For our 2020 interns, it was clear from the beginning that Cloudera was the place to be. 

Veda Kadam, our Data in Motion intern, shared that she had a conversation with Andy Lopresto, Principal Software Engineer, at a USC Career fair and knew that Cloudera was where she wanted to learn. After her talk with Andy, she was sure, “Cloudera is a workplace where I could achieve professional growth and take part in activities that would have a real impact on society and technology.” 

The opportunity to create meaningful work has been a major win for all involved. 

“This is one of the best programs I have attended. This has given me an opportunity to contribute to open source. I also get the freedom to experiment with product and learn something new” said Yu Wen Lai. Sumeet Gajjar agreed, “Working on the production code and not just a toy project” was a highlight of the program. 

Their work didn’t stop with open source technologies. 

Interns were able to take part in several events as attendees, moderators and even present to members of the executive team including our CEO Rob Bearden. 

Though this year, the program was brought to a fully virtual setting, that didn’t stop the team from getting to know each other and having a lot of fun too. 

Through online games, virtual escape rooms, and good ole Slack, the interns were able to connect with each other and network with many other Cloudarns. 

YiYe Dang expressed that being able to engage with others made a real impact on her time here at Cloudera. “I like how the program connects interns with people across the company, including the management team, engineers from different departments, etc.” 

Our mentorship strategy was a big part of making that a success. 

It allowed everyone to have access to the information and support necessary for an unforgettable jump start into their careers. 

Each intern was paired with a technical manager and non technical mentor to ask questions and gain insight on a variety of topics ranging from problem solving to career advice and more which proved to be a huge value add. 

Manas Chaka shared that his non-technical mentor was helpful in many ways. “He made me think about the project on a whole other level, i.e digging deep into understanding internally what happens in HBase. He also gave me incredible advice throughout the 12 weeks!” 

As the summer wrapped up, we asked the interns to share their thoughts on the program. 

“Keep doing the awesome work!”, “Absolutely loved the program.” and “I think you all did an excellent job in making this program fun and engaging.” were sentiments echoed throughout making it clear that we aimed high and achieved our goal! In fact, 100% of our interns mentioned they would recommend this internship program to a friend.

From the wide range of experiences and networking opportunities to providing real impact in our open source world, we set out to provide an incredible experience our interns would never forget and we look forward to doing it again.

Interested in joining our Early Talent program for your internship? Take a look at our University Recruiting site and reach out for more information! 

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