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Cloudera Manager | Log Management, Event Management and Alerting Demo Video

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In this demo, Henry Robinson, a software engineer at Cloudera, discusses the Log Management, Event Management and Alerting features in Cloudera Manager that help make sense out of all the discrete events that take place across the Hadoop cluster. He demonstrates how to search the logs valuable information, note important events that pertain to system health and create alerts to warn you when things go wrong.

Log Management

Every process in a Hadoop cluster regularly writes to a log file,

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Cloudera Manager | Service and Configuration Management Demo Videos

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Service and Configuration Management (Part I & II)

We’ve recently recorded a series of demo videos intended to highlight the extensive set of features and functions included with Cloudera Manager, the industry’s first end-to-end management application for Apache Hadoop. These demo videos showcase the newly enhanced Cloudera Manager interface and reveal how to use this powerful application to simplify the administration of Hadoop clusters, optimize performance and enhance the quality of service.

In the first two videos of this series,

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Capacity Planning with Cloudera Manager

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If you’re like a myriad of other systems administrators out there, you may be running a production Hadoop cluster, spec’ing one out, or just starting to investigate the possibility of bringing Hadoop into your workplace. As any of these folks will be able to tell you, one of the most important tasks you’ll encounter is capacity planning. With the release of Cloudera Manager 3.7, we’re bringing you a new set of tools to aid you in this process.

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