2 responses on “Introducing Cloudera Altus SDX (Beta)

  1. Dan Forsberg

    Hi, are you saying that the external Hive Metastore is also providing the capabilities/features for “At the heart of Altus SDX is a repository of attributes describing locations and structure of data, access rights, business glossary definitions, lineage and more.”? Or are they different databases for different things?

    1. Michael Kohs

      Hi Dan,

      Great question! The sentence you are quoting talks about capabilities that Altus SDX will eventually offer, however they might be implemented using different databases for each of the capabilities. To make this more clear, the Apache Hive metastore is used to store information about data location and data structure and resides in its own database. On the other hand Apache Sentry is used to manage access rights to that data and stores those policies in its own database. Both capabilities are part of Altus SDX.

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