This Month in Data Science

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Data science has been a ubiquitous topic of conversation in the IT and business worlds across the month of November. In this brief post, I’ll bring you just a small cross-section of the data science meme on the Interwebs in the past 4 weeks:

  • As part of its annual “Best Jobs 2012” feature, CNNMoney called data science one of the “best new jobs in America” – right up there with “video game designer” and “solar sales consultant”. How could you go wrong with that career choice?
  • The National Cancer Institute-funded Frederick National Laboratory was named the winner of the 2012 Government Big Data Solutions Award, for “pioneering ways to support researchers working on complex challenges around the relationship between genes and cancers.” This application highlights the unique power of data science to correlate relationships across vast data volumes.
  • John Foreman (@John4Man), a practicing data scientist himself, published a fascinating blog post in which he explains the “5 things” that data scientists should know about their role. His main message to other practitioners? Get over yourself, and “work with the rest of your organization to do better, not to do data science for its own sake.”
  • RedMonk’s Donnie Berkholz (@dberkholz) wondered aloud whether data science will/should become social and collaborative, via agile-esque workflow. Interesting thought.
  • Cloudera held its first “Introduction to Data Science” training class and announced a new round of 2012 cities and dates – New York, Redwood City, and Washington, D.C., included thus far. (Private training is also available in other cities for groups of 20 or more.)
  • Cloudera released a “New to Data Science” page at Have other resources to suggest for this list? Let us know in comments.
  • And finally, SINAInnovations 2012, a medical technology conference associated with Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York, convened and completed its 2012 program, which included a keynote (“Innovation and Data”) from Cloudera’s Chief Scientist, Jeff Hammerbacher (@hackingdata). See below!