CDH4 and Cloudera Enterprise 4.0 Now Available

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I’m very pleased to announce the immediate General Availability of CDH4 and Cloudera Manager 4 (part of the Cloudera Enterprise 4.0 subscription).  These releases are an exciting milestone for Cloudera customers, Cloudera users and the open source community as a whole.

Both CDH4 and Cloudera Manager 4 are chock full of new features. Many new features will appeal to enterprises looking to move  more important workloads onto the Apache Hadoop platform. CDH4 includes high availability for the filesystem, ability to support multiple namespaces, Apache HBase table and column level security, improved performance, HBase replication and greatly improved usability and browser support for the Hue web interface. Cloudera Manager 4 includes multi-cluster and multi-version support, automation for high availability and MapReduce2, multi-namespace support, cluster-wide heatmaps, host monitoring and automated client configurations.

Other features will appeal to developers and ISV’s looking to build applications on top of CDH and / or Cloudera Manager. HBase coprocessors enable the development of new kinds of real-time applications.  MapReduce2 opens up Hadoop clusters to new data processing frameworks other than MapReduce. There are new REST API’s both for the Hadoop distributed filesystem and for Cloudera Manager.

Our investment in QA has reached a new level with the CDH4 and Cloudera Manager 4 releases. Both systems have been subjected to extensive functional, security and scale testing.  Both releases have also been tested by customers, users and partners over the course of a public beta process where we’ve experienced thousands of downloads and active feedback from our user list.

The CDH4 and Cloudera Manager 4 releases build on our tradition of delivering customers and users both innovation but also stability and continuity. Counting updates, CDH4 is Cloudera’s 11th release of an open source data management platform. It’s the 3rd year that we’ve kept with our practice of annual releases and quarterly updates.

Customers and users can upgrade to CDH4 from any of the prior updates to CDH3 (u0, u1, u2, u3, u4) or future updates.

Customers and users can use Cloudera Manager 4 with either CDH3 or CDH4 clusters (or some combination of the two) and Cloudera Manager 4 will assist users in the CDH upgrade process.

CDH has attracted a very large commercial ecosystem and this is one of the great benefits customers and users get from CDH.  Many software and systems partners have already certified their software against CDH4. Among them are Datameer, Dell, Hstreaming, Informatica, Kapow, Microstrategy, Netezza, Oracle, Revolution Analytics, Streambase, Teradata and Wibidata. An additional two dozen more such partners are already in the process of re-certifying against CDH4.

More to come
I firmly believe that the most exciting innovations of the Hadoop ecosystem have yet to come.  We have an ambitious R&D agenda set before us for CDH5 and Cloudera Manager 4.5.  We plan to continue our practice of delivering non-disruptive enhancements in quarterly updates so you won’t have to wait another year to take advantage of our work or that of the larger open source community.

Both CDH4 and Cloudera Manager 4 (part of the Cloudera Enterprise 4.0 subscription) are available immediately. To download CDH4 as well a free edition of Cloudera Manager 4, please visit our downloads page.

Stay tuned and, as always, thank you for your support.


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