Cloudera Connector for Tableau Has Been Released

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Earlier today, Cloudera proudly released the Cloudera Connector for Tableau. The availability of this connector serves both Tableau users who are looking to expand the volume of datasets they manipulate and Hadoop users who want to enable analysts like Tableau users to make the data within Hadoop more meaningful. Enterprises can now extract the full value of big data and allow a new class of power users to interact with Hadoop data in ways they priorly could not.

The Cloudera Connector for Tableau is a free ODBC Driver that enables Tableau Desktop 7.0 to connect to Apache Hive. Tableau users can thus leverage Hive, Hadoop’s data warehouse system, as a data source for all the maps, charts, dashboards and other artifacts typically generated within Tableau.

Hive itself is a powerful query engine that is optimized for analytic workloads, and that’s where this Connector is sure to work best. Tableau also, however, lets users ingest result sets from Hive into its in-memory analytical engine so that results returning from Hadoop can be analyzed much more quickly.

Setting up your connection involves only the following steps:

  1. Download and run the Cloudera Connector for Tableau executable.
  2. Point the Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator to the Cloudera ODBC Driver for Apache Hive.
  3. Identify the Hive data source in Tableau Desktop.

And you’re done!

Cloudera is pleased to continue to work with Tableau and with other vendors to enable more users in the enterprise to bring out Hadoop’s fullest value.


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